Taxpayers give £775 million to the banks

Vernon Coleman

The British Government is giving £775 million to the banks. Philip Hammond and his nasty chums are giving £775 million of ‘free’ money to banks – as a gift from taxpayers.

Isn’t that nice of us?

The banks destroyed our economy in 2008 and it is because of them that Britain has been struggling for a decade. It is because of them that interest rates are close to zero and the nation has been struggling in austerity.

But the Government is giving the banks £775 million.

Why the hell would they do that?

You’ll never guess so I will tell you.

The Government is giving the banks £775 million because the EU has ordered them to do so.

And why on earth would the EU do that?

Well, it’s because Gordon Brown (remember him?) bailed out the Royal Bank of Scotland and Fred Goodwin (remember him?).

The EU has punished us for Gordon the Moron’s absurd act of generosity to the Scots.

Why on earth would they do such a stupid thing?

Because they can.

Oh, and just for the record Goodwin, a former ‘European Banker of the Year’, receives an RBS pension of £342,000 a year. He accepted a ‘reduced’ pension because he took out a £2.7 million tax free lump sum.

I wonder how many Remainers on the Labour Party benches know that their beloved EU has just given £775 million of taxpayers’ money to the banks.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

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