The Truth about Test and Trace Apps

Dr Vernon Coleman

These remarkably badly designed applications are collecting private and personal information from millions of gullible citizens. The information will be shared with the police and, doubtless, the tax authorities.

Many individuals are reported to have given false names and details when required to give personal information when entering cafes, pubs, restaurants, churches and other buildings. In late October, during the Welsh autumn restrictions, two pubs were closed because customers had given fake names and details. The authorities became suspicious when 479 people called M. Hancock attended one public house in a single week. Suspicions were aroused still further when it was discovered that all had given the number of a disused telephone box in Cardiff as their contact number. On the other hand, 1,543 people who had given their name as Jones really were called Jones.

I am told that some individuals are so determined not to give their personal details to strangers that they have had fake visiting cards printed. Such cards do not cost much, I am told, and when offered as evidence of identification, look satisfactorily official.

In view of the real physical risks involved, before you accept any test which involves a physically invasive procedure you should write down the date and time, the place where the test is being performed and the name of the person doing the test. You should also make a note of the qualifications of the tester and under whose authority they are performing the test.

Few people seem to think it odd that they have to be tested regularly to see if they have acquired an allegedly dangerous disease. It would seem reasonable to assume that someone who had a deadly disease might have noticed that they have symptoms. And since the infectious symptoms associated with the disease are pretty much the same as the flu (coughing and sneezing) it would seem rather likely that sufferers would be aware of the condition. (As an aside, how can you spread a disease if you don’t have the symptoms which are recognised as the methods by which the disease is spread? At least one major study has shown that asymptomatic transmission does not occur.)

Taken from `Endgame’ by Vernon Coleman. `Endgame explains how we got where we are. And what our future will look like if the `great reset’ continues to force us to the `new normal’.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2021