Theresa is a Traitor

Vernon Coleman

When Gordon Brown was Prime Minister I wrote a bestselling book entitled Gordon is a Moron. Today I feel like sitting down and producing a volume entitled Theresa is a Traitor.

Never in politics can a politician have shamelessly betrayed so many people. Compared to Mrs May, the hapless John Profumo now seems like a hero. And not even the war criminal Tony Blair was as bad as the current Prime Minister. (I never thought I would live to see a Prime Minister I despised even more than Blair.)

It almost seems appropriate that, thanks to Mrs May’s failure and disloyalty, the EU, which has been ruling our lives for decades, should now decide the future of Brexit. We are being run by the Krauts, the Frogs and a bloke from a country so small it doesn’t have a nick-name. Now that the EU has control, they will ensure that the can is kicked down the road so that they can eventually force us to accept an even more horrendous version of May’s disgraceful agreement. (When the negotiations started I suggested that we should hire Bernie Ecclestone to do the talking. We’d have had a brilliant deal.)

Mrs May has destroyed this country for decades to come. She has annoyed everyone except the most desperate of the Remainers. She has single-handedly started a civil war that will last for generations. She has destroyed freedom, democracy and trust. She and her evil, neoNazi Remainer cronies are so desperate to kill Brexit that they don’t seem to mind if we become a communist country. And she has done all this with the help of a weak and pathetic Parliament and a Speaker who has seemed intent on protecting the European Union and betraying his own country.

The only real answer is to get rid of the party political system completely.

That was the theme of my book Bloodless Revolution which is available as an eBook on Amazon.

Our political system is broken.

It’s time to get rid of the whole damned lot of them and start afresh.

Bloodless Revolution explains exactly how we can do this.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

P.S. If you haven’t already read it please also read The Shocking History of the EU. It is, I believe, one of those rare books that actually changes the way people think. The book explains, in precise detail, how and why the EU was created – and names the 40 founding fathers who are responsible for creating the most evil, fascist organisation in human history.