The BBC: Treachery and Betrayal

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I was horrified to see that 80% of Britons still rely on the BBC for their news.

This is scary and shocking for it has been confirmed (yet again) that in recent years alone the BBC has received millions of pounds from the European Union.

So it is no surprise that the BBC is biased in favour of the European Union. In my view its news and documentary programmes are as bent as paperclips.

It is, of course, also why the BBC was biased in favour of the Remain vote during the run up to the Referendum.

The BBC seems to repay the financial support it receives from the EU (which it receives in addition to the licence fee payments British citizens are forced to pay) by opposing Brexit, by defending unpopular EU policies (such as those on immigration), by insisting that all measurements referred to in its programmes are in EU friendly metric units rather than proper British imperial measurements and by taking every opportunity to disparage England and the English.

The BBC, like most organisations which depend upon the state has a powerful liberal-socialist bias and I doubt if you could find more than a small handful of Tories in any such institution.

The BBC depends upon the protection and benevolence of the State and will therefore support it to the hilt.

Plus the BBC recruits pretty well exclusively from the readers of the Guardian; the house journal of lefty liberal heads in the sand luvvies who doubtless like lots of immigration because the immigrants make excellent, cheap domestic staff.

Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda in the Third Reich, would have been proud of the BBC.

It is truly scary that 80% of Britons rely on the BBC for their view of the world.

Adapted from Vernon Coleman’s sixth diary The Games Afoot! – which is now available as an ebook on Amazon.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018