Treat Yourself - BACK IN PRINT

Vernon Coleman

In response to constant reader demand some of Vernon Coleman's widely acclaimed `classic' health books are now back in print. As always we have tried to keep the prices as low as we can, writes Donna Davidson.

Stomach Problems: Relief At Last
How You Can Conquer Wind, Belching, Flatulence, Indigestion, Heartburn, Gastritis, Ulcers And Other Similar Digestive Problems.
Contents include:
* What causes stomach problems
* Duodenal and gastric ulcers, indigestion, heartburn and more
* How to control the effects of stress
* How to eat for good health
* Coping strategies that work
* Exercise for good health

Paperback 9.99

Relief From Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Simple Steps For Long Term control
Contents include:
* Causes and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
* The two-step control programme
* How you should change your diet
* How to look after your digestive system
* Relief from wind
* Watch out for foods that make your symptoms worse
* Stand up for yourself
* Build up your self confidence
* How worrying more can help you worry less
* Tips to help you cope with stress
* Take control of your life

Paperback 9.99

High Blood Pressure
Everything You Need To Know And More
Contents include:
* What is high blood pressure?
* Factors which affect high blood pressure
* When does high blood pressure need treatment?
* Does high blood pressure affect life expectancy?
* Doctors and drugs
* Is high blood pressure a permanent problem?
* Foods to eat and foods to avoid
* Blood pressure control programme
* Reducing stress and learning to relax

Paperback 9.99

How To Conquer Arthritis
Contents include:
* The facts about rheumatoid arthritis
* The facts about osteoarthritis
* What doctors can do
* What you can do to help yourself
* The facts about ankylosing spondylitis and gout
* How to control pain without using drugs
* Everything you should know about diet and arthritis
* When and why you should exercise
* Alternative medicine and arthritis
* Simple practical tips to make life better

Paperback 12.99

The Parents Handbook
Your child's health
Contents include:
* Is your baby developing properly
* First aid, home nursing, and when to call the doctor
* Measles, mumps, chicken pox
* Average height/weight tables for children
* How to deal with a crying baby
* Breast and bottle feeding, weaning, and the faddy eater
* Asthma, diabetes, eczema, epilepsy, meningitis
* Children under stress and starting school
* Anorexia, hyperactivity, stuttering
* Ten basic rules of parenthood

Paperback 12.99

How To Overcome Guilt
Contents include:
* The sources of guilt
* Personal relationships
* Social pressures
* The influence of guilt
* Coping with guilt
* A counter guilt philosophy

Paperback 9.99

How To Conquer Pain
A new and positive approach to the problem of persistent and recurrent pain
Contents include:
* Factors which influence the amount of pain you feel
* Doctors, drugs and pain control
* How to get the best out of pills
* Alternative therapies that work
* The unique pain control programme
* How to use your imagination to conquer your pain
* How to sleep when pain is the problem
* The magic of the TENS machine
* Learn how to relax and control your stress
* How to measure your pain

Paperback 12.95

`A clear and helpful handbook for pain sufferers. Perhaps most important of all is the way in which it brings pain down to a manageable level and gives self help ideas for sufferers.'
The Guardian

`Full of good ideas.'
Mother and Baby

`A new and positive approach.'
Keep Fit

'An authoratitive guide to this universal problem.'
Bournemouth Evening Echo

How To Relax And Overcome Stress
Contents include:
* Discover the source of stress in your life
* How stress affects body and mind
* Are you suffering from stress-burn out?
* Measure your exposure to stress
* Your personal stress and priority chart
* Alternative therapies that work
* The four cornerstones of life
* Recapture your dreams
* Learn to relax your body and mind

Paperback 278 pages, 15.99

`I came across your book How To Relax And Overcome Stress quite accidentally in a holiday resort, among books visitors leave behind. I consider myself very lucky that I found the book there. It is a wonderful treatment of the subject.'
V.P., Bangalore

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