If the Covid Jab was a Trial Run - What Happens Next?

Dr Vernon Coleman

Evidence from researchers around the world has shown that Bluetooth signals can be detected in some individuals who have been given the covid jab.

Scientists have shown that a significant percentage of those who have been `vaccinated’ against covid have emitted a signal.

It has also been found that some individuals who were never jabbed but who were subjected to one of the useless and discredited PCR tests emit signals in the frequency range corresponding to that of Bluetooth use.

The key, of course, is the grapheme oxide which can be found in the mRNA `vaccine’ and also found in PCR test swabs.

The vaxxed are most likely to produce a Bluetooth response.

Those who were tested but not vaxxed are less likely to produce a Bluetooth response.

Those who were neither tested nor vaxxed do not produce a Bluetooth response.

Graphene oxide is, of course, known to have electromagnetic qualities. It was tested as a neurocerebral control tool in the United States of America by the Pentagon’s DARPA military agency. (During the Obama administration, a certain Dr Fauci built a coronavirus believed to be related to covid. Similar studies were carried out by the European Commission in the EU.)

So, why aren’t all those who were jabbed producing a Bluetooth type signal?

The big clue is that batches of the Pfizer `vaccine’ which account for just 4-5% of the jabs given are responsible for 71% of the serious or lethal adverse events.

And I suspect that the PCR test only produced a Bluetooth response when the swab was used clumsily and caused bleeding (allowing the graphene oxide to enter the bloodstream). As you undoubtedly know an increasing amount of evidence is available which shows that many batches of the so-called `vaccine’ were, in fact, no more than placebos.

There is still much mystery about the covid vaccine.

Part of this is due to the fact that the European Commission (and others) financed fact checkers to censor and sneer at anyone daring to tell the truth (or asking sensible but inconvenient questions) about the covid jab.

And the mainstream media was bribed to suppress the truth and to demonise and destroy those trying to tell the truth.

Even scientists are reluctant to risk asking inconvenient questions. Many use the excuse that there have been no peer reviewed articles on the subject.

This is, as I have previously argued, a nonsense since a peer review is utterly worthless. A peer review simply means that a group of probably bought and paid for scientists will approve something claimed by a probably bought and paid for scientist. (And, remember, most of the several thousand medical journals around the world have signed a Faustian pact with the drug industry. They rely on drug company advertising and won’t dare print anything the drug companies don’t like.)

So, what is the plan?

In the absence of solid evidence we can only speculate.

One possibility (just a guess) is that the covid injection will interact in some way with subcutaneous implants used as part of the proposed digital ID system.

My suspicion has, for a long time, been that the covid jab was merely a test to try out some form of weapon system.

I have little doubt that within the next year or so there will be a huge number of deaths from heart disease and circulatory problems.

These deaths will be blamed on the lockdowns (which did, as I warned in April 2020, have a very damaging effect on health care) and, in the UK, on strikes by doctors and nurses.

The vaccines will, of course, be ignored as a risk factor.

And in a year or two (or even earlier) governments everywhere (aided and abetted by the Gates controlled WHO) will announce that a new, even deadlier virus has been isolated.

And a new `vaccine’ will be promoted with tremendous enthusiasm.

The next time there is a mass covid style vaccination programme, everyone who is vaccinated (and many who are `tested’) will be dead within five years at most.

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