Is This How Theresa May Tricked Britons Into Staying in the EU?

Vernon Coleman

We know that Theresa May is a Remainer. She never wanted us to leave the European Union.

We also know that the civil servants (like the entire British Establishment) are dedicated to preserving our relationship within the European Union.

Ever since Edward Heath lied to us and took us into the Common Market, it has always been the Government’s plan that Britain should become part of the United States of Europe. The civil service has aided and abetted this dishonest and dishonourable plan to sell Britain to Germany.

We also know that the deal negotiated with the European Union is so one-sided, so horrifyingly bad, that it can never pass through the House of Commons.

And if we know that, Theresa May and her civil servants must also know that. They surely cannot be as stupid and as incompetent as they appear to be.

So what the devil is going on?

What if this impossible deal was always the aim?

What if the intention all along has been to create a ‘deal’ that could never possibly be accepted – a deal that would be rejected by both Remainers and Brexiteers, a deal that would leave us worse off than when we were members of the European Union? What if they, with the eurocrats, cooked up an impossible leaving scenario?

What if Theresa May’s Government made no plans for a ‘no deal’ because they didn’t want us to have the opportunity to leave without a deal.

And what if they demonised Brexiteers (especially any who might bankroll a further campaign) so that most were too frightened to speak out? (Look at what has happened to Aaron Banks.)

They would, of course, have the Press on their side – most of the British Press supports the EU. And the BBC, which has received EU money, is as bent as a paperclip.

And going back further, what if Theresa May and company deliberately messed up an election, performing so appallingly that the Tories ended up without a majority.

If you stop and think about it, it didn’t really matter if she lost, did it?

If she lost the general election then Labour would probably refuse to accept the result of the Referendum. And Corbyn et al could take the blame for ignoring the will of the British people.

It would mean the ruin of the Labour Party.

And the Tories could bounce back when Labour lost the next general election.

I have harboured this suspicion for some time.

But until now I’ve kept it to myself.

It seemed too awful.

It sounded like the conspiracy to end all conspiracies.

But what if this is what happened: the biggest betrayal in history.

I wouldn’t bet against it.

Indeed, I now think this is exactly what happened.

We’ve been played for suckers.

The plan all along was to keep us in the European Union by making it appear that staying in was the only viable option.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman 16th November 2018