Here’s How They Tricked People into Wanting to Work at Home

Dr Vernon Coleman

In my book `A Bigger Problem than Climate Change’ (originally published in 2007) I pointed out that the International Energy Agency had published the draft version of a report telling countries to prepare for when the oil started to run out. (Everything that is happening is happening because the oil is running out.)

One of the policies recommended by the report included encouraging people to work from home rather than travelling to an office.

Nothing is happening by accident.

The lockdowns were designed to train people to work at home. And that is exactly what they’ve done.

Everything they are doing has been planned for a long time. And if you follow the trail you will find that it’s all about the oil. The climate change fraud. The bans on travel. The depopulation plan. The social credit controls. The 15 minute cities. The removal of cash. The fake pandemic to train people to do as they are told.

Behind it all is one simple fact: the oil is running out and the billionaires, the Bilderbergers et al want to preserve what is left for themselves and their families.

My book `A Bigger Problem than Climate Change’ deals with peak oil and the coming oil shortages which are the reason for the global warming mythology.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023