Theresa May et al Must Be Tried for Treason

Vernon Coleman

According to the law, treason is defined as the crime of betraying oneís country, of failing to show loyalty and by helping the nationís enemies.

Can there be any doubt that Theresa May, Hammond and her pathetic bunch of Ministers are all guilty of treason?

Indeed, every damned Remainer is also guilty of treason. Most of those sitting in the House of Commons are traitors.

So, when the Brexit fiasco is finally over, May and the rest of our miserable self-serving politicians must be tried for treason.

They have never negotiated with belief in Britain or basic good sense. They appear to have cared more for the European Union (or themselves) than for Britain.

William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) was the last Briton to be tried for treason. He was hung in 1946.

Sadly, those found guilty of treason are no longer hung.

But they can be banned from any public office and imprisoned for life.

It will have to do.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019