Why Trumpís Win is a Great Victory for Freedom and Democracy

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

So, America will soon be known as the United States of Trump and the White House will doubtless soon be known as Trump House.

The Donald always likes to have his name on things.

And I have no doubt that he will want to rename the country which has chosen him to be the next President and the house wherein the President resides.

And why not?

Trump won by a massive majority. And he won because the voters are fed up with a greed soaked elite enriching themselves at the expense of working people. It is exactly the same thing that happened in Britainís Referendum vote. Voters everywhere are sick of bankers and politicians and chief executives filling their pockets and doing absolutely nothing for the mass of taxpayers.

Trump won by understanding that the mass of people are fed up with vested interests trying to preserve and protect the status quo. Clinton lost because she was, probably rightly, perceived to be a representative of the status quo. Her relationship with Goldman Sachs did her far more harm than the email nonsense Ė which very few people understood or really cared about.

(Goldman Sachs is a toxic bank. Their support of the Remain camp did inestimable good for the Brexiteerís campaign.)

Incidentally, the pollsters (and the commentators and journalists and politicians) keep getting things wrong because they donít understand that most people are, not without good cause, now slightly paranoid. When questioned by strangers, people dare not admit that they are supporting the politically incorrect side of a vote. For this very good reason, the pollsters will continue to get things wrong.

The usual suspect celebrities who supported the awful Clinton woman are, once again, sobbing their hearts out (though being careful not to spoil their make-up).

I suspect that most of those who supported Clinton did so because she is female rather than because they believe in the Goldman Sachs sponsored world she represents. Most of the politically correct entitlement generation would have supported Myra Hindley if sheíd been running for President.

Whingeing cry-baby members of the entitlement generation (the ones who like, quite incorrectly, to call themselves the millennials) are already demonstrating and (as they always are when an election result isnít to their liking) demanding a rerun of the election.

What none of the celebrities and the entitlement generation understand is that Trump will probably cause a major disruption to the banks and arms manufacturers. He will shake up the political elite which has been ruining America for a generation.

Anything which is bad for Goldman Sachs has got to be good for the rest of us.

Why, oh why, are the bleeding heart liberals always on the side of the warmongering, money grabbing establishment? They supported the fascist European Union before, during and after Britainís referendum. And theyíre still stamping their feet and grinding their teeth because they didnít get the result they wanted.

Are all these people really quasi Nazis or did they just not understand what they are supporting?

Our problem now is that numerous British politicians have bad mouthed Trump so viciously that Britain is going to have to work hard to establish a good relationship with the US.

The not at all missed David Cameron did not help one jot, but the consistently awful Nicola Sturgeon has probably done more harm than anyone else to the transatlantic alliance.

The pathetic Sturgeon woman, the political equivalent of a slightly dim-witted fishwife, does not yet realise that the SNP has had its fifteen minutes of fame. From this moment onwards it is all downhill. There is absolutely no chance whatsoever of Scotland becoming a successful, independent country or a region of the EUís United States of Europe. Scotland had its one chance of independence Ė back when the oil price was high.

But the deluded Sturgeon still thinks she is a player on the world stage.

And her attack on Trump has doubtless done irreparable harm both to Scotland and to the United Kingdom as a whole.

Itís hardly surprising that Britainís Prime Minister was just above the Virgin Islands and just below Mauritius on Trumpís telephone call list.

We can thank the toxic Sturgeon for that.

Letís hope that Mrs May makes Nigel Farage the UKís Ambassador to the United States. Farage and Trump get on well together.

Our Nigel is probably the only man in Britain who can repair our relationship with the United States.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2016