The Truth about Long Covid

Dr Vernon Coleman

In early 2022, the UK Government said that there were officially 1.3 million people in Britain suffering from `long covid’ – and that the figure was rising fast. Two thirds of those individuals were reported to have been off work for a year or more.

Almost before the figure had been published it had been amended and the total was said to be approaching two million. A report from the US suggested that around 12 million Americans were alleged to be off work with `long covid’.

Covid believers claim that 12% of those who’ve had covid still have symptoms 12 weeks later.

The media ignored the fact that the biggest and most significant research into long covid, involving 26,000 individuals, concluded that long covid is largely a psychological problem.

People who had taken a year off work on full pay didn’t want to go back to their offices.

The evidence shows that long covid is a combination of hypochondria and malingering.

It’s the beginning of the universal basic income – a critical part of the Great Reset now being trialled in Wales and Ireland.

It has been proved beyond doubt that there was never a covid pandemic . What was called covid-19 was the rebranded flu.

And although a few people do suffer from mental and physical tiredness for a while after the flu, we now have a global long covid pandemic.

So, why have they created this fake disease – `long covid’?

First, governments have welcomed the growth in the number of alleged covid sufferers because it helps make people afraid of the rebranded flu – and accept the jabs which are dishonestly promoted as preventing it.

Second, governments know that if a huge chunk of the workforce stays at home the disruption and the cost will severely damage the economy. That’s part of the basis for the Great Reset.

Third, and this is crucial, the false long covid disease is an excellent cover for the injuries caused by the covid-19 jabs.

A list of the commonest side effects associated with the covid-19 jabs just happens to be the same as the commonest symptoms associated with `long covid’.

Naturally, anyone who dares to look at the evidence – and question the long covid myth – is dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and banned from sharing their views.

The commonest side effects alleged to be associated with the covid-19 jabs just happen to be the commonest symptoms associated with long covid: heart problems, stroke, clotting disorders, joint pains, convulsions and other neurological problems, Bell’s palsy, Guillain Barre syndrome, autoimmune disease, respiratory problems, mental health troubles and fatigue.

The problems caused by long covid are exactly the same as the problems caused by the covid jabs!

Long covid is a cover up for covid jab side effects.

Naturally, the mainstream media won’t discuss or debate any of this. Governments, advisors, journalists and the medical profession all follow the same line because they are all conspirators and all part of the conspiracy.

Anyone who dares to look at the evidence – and expose the truth – will be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and banned from sharing their views.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2022

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