Truths the mainstream media need to know

Dr Vernon Coleman

The mainstream media is now in the control of children. They may look 25-35 years old but in mind and spirit they are slightly dim children.

Today’s reporters and editors were hired as cheap replacements for the proper journalists who were fired or retired just before the fake pandemic was arranged.

The new `journalists’ are obedient to the point of being slavish. They are full of the borrowed opinions with which they have been fed. They like to think of themselves as left wing, slightly revolutionary and very liberal. In reality they are establishment dogs, through and through – serving a communist power group without quite knowing what they are doing.

It isn’t widely known but when new `journalists’ are being recruited just one question is asked: `Can you speak, apparently knowledgeably, on subjects about which you know absolutely nothing?’ This is known as the `BBC’ test. Those who answer `yes’ to this question are instantly hired.

Television stations keep a few old farts on as newsreaders (to make us think that there is some gravitas behind the news) but behind the scenes the reporters and editors have all the wisdom and integrity of horse flies.

Here are eight crucial facts which journalists at the BBC, Sky, ITV, GMTV and all the radio stations and mainstream print media need to know:

First, in March 2020 the government’s own advisors officially downgraded covid to the level of the flu. The evidence is on my website. Covid-19 was not a plague. It was and is no more than an over-promoted version of the flu. This fact is rather proved by the fact that the flu disappeared in 2020 and was not seen. There was no pandemic. That is the official position on covid by the way. Covid was no more deadly than the flu. As I pointed out in my first video `The coronavirus hoax’, in March 2020, up to 650,000 people can die in an annual six month flu season. That’s a WHO figure.

Second, there is massive confusion among doctors about the PCR test – either through unforgiveable malice or unforgiveable ignorance. Journalists, politicians and doctors assume that anyone with a positive PCR test has covid-19. But the PCR test is utterly unreliable as and for that reason the test has officially been withdrawn in the US. My video entitled `This needs to be stopped now’, which was dated 20th May this year, contains quotes from just a few of the scientific papers showing that the test has killed people and is utterly pointless.

Third, the death totals in the UK during 2020 and 2021 were average. Lots of doctors think there were many extra deaths during those years. If they bothered to look at the official statistics they would see that those were average years for deaths. There was no epidemic or pandemic. The same is true of other countries. Again take a look at my website and videos for the figures.

Fourth, the number of alleged deaths was massively increased by counting as deaths people who died `with’ covid instead of dying `of’ covid. If you were knocked down by a bus, and then tested positive for covid, and died within 60 days then you officially died of covid. That was a clumsy fraud and if a cheap con man tried a trick like that he’d be locked up.

Fifth, the lockdowns were never useful or necessary. In May 2020 I warned that the lockdowns would kill far more people than covid. The media would now find it difficult to find a sane, independent doctor to disagree with that claim.

Sixth, in early 2020 the medical advisors in the UK and US agreed that masks were dangerous and useless and that those who wore them were virtue signalling. They were right, of course. I can provide scores of scientific papers proving the danger of the public wearing masks.

Seventh, thousands of elderly patients were killed in care homes by egregious medical practices which were officially authorised.

Eighth, the closure of hospital departments was entirely unnecessary. The long waiting lists for screening tests and treatment will result in millions of unnecessary deaths.

Sadly, the evidence shows that there doesn’t seem to be a mainstream journalist in the world who knows these simple truths.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022

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