The EUs Twelve Most Famous Supporters

Vernon Coleman

The following list is my personal Top Twelve of the EUs several dozen supporters:

Keith Vaz currently suspended from the House of Commons for accidentally offering cocaine to two male prostitutes (claims to have been suffering from amnesia for three years, although still serving as an MP)

Ken Clarke mouthpiece for Big Tobacco

Adolf Hitler German hero and role model for all Remainers and for Liberal Democrats in particular

Robert Schuman former Nazi and officially Father of the EU

Walter Hallstein former Nazi and former President of the EU Commission

Philip Hammond claimed he would support the withdrawal of the UK from the EU and would not agree to a second referendum but later changed his mind

Jo Swinson Scottish politician, opposed to the over-packaging of Easter eggs. She, like the awful Bercow, believes she knows better than 17.4 million Britons. She and her party appear to be opposed to democracy and therefore have no place in British political life.

William Joyce - (Lord Haw Haw)

Theresa May (former Prime Minister, said to have cried when Brexiteers won the Referendum)

David Beckham - (well-known intellectual and male model)

Chris Huhne former MP,imprisoned for lying

Fiona Onasanya - former MP, imprisoned for lying, voted against Brexit while wearing an ankle tag

If you would like to know stuff these people probably dont know about the EU I suggest you read:

1. OFPIS by Vernon Coleman
2. The Shocking History of the EU by Zina Cohen
3. How the EU is Destroying the World (Brexiteers are Fighting Fascism) by Daniel J Beddowes and Flavio Cipollini

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