Twelve Things We’ve Learned This Week

by Vernon Coleman

1. Our politicians are even more irresponsible and selfish than we thought they were. Cameron was right to resign. But why is he still in office as a lame duck Prime Minister? If Cameron cared about Britain he would have either begun our immediate departure from the European Union – as required by the British people – or he would have left this week, allowing another Prime Minister to implement Article 50. And why did Lord Hill, the UK’s representative at the EU, quit his job before Britain had officially left the EU? His resignation was grossly irresponsible and has left Britain unrepresented on the European Commission. Corbyn is an utter disgrace. Why is he clinging to his job with such desperation? Does he enjoy the perks? Do the press and police fussing around him and making him feel important? The extra pay? His selfishness in refusing to resign means that there is no effective opposition in Parliament and the Tories can get away with whatever they like. And I firmly believe that Corbyn’s selfishness must inevitably lead to a rise in unemployment. The chaos he has created will lead to employers refusing to hire new staff.

2. The larger part of the British population has no representation. Both major parties are firm supporters of the EU – as are the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party. A majority of British people have no parliamentary representation. It has been clear for years that those who wanted to leave the EU have been disenfranchised. But the position now is absurd. The majority of the British people are represented in the House of Commons by a single UKIP MP. Since the political parties won’t do anything about this then we need to change our electoral system.

3. Scotland needs to be given its independence as quickly as possible. And the English should have a vote on whether Scotland leaves the UK. The Scots have repeatedly argued that they are entitled to vote in the House of Commons on issues which affect only the English. Well, Scottish independence affects the English almost as much as it affects the Scots. The disloyalty of the SNP since Britain voted to leave the EU has been staggering. Let the whole of the UK vote now on whether Scotland leaves the UK. The result will be an overwhelming vote in favour of Scottish independence. But Scotland must leave the UK completely. The rest of the UK must not be expected to subsidise an independent Scotland. And Scotland can create its own currency. The sooner this happens the happier the English will be. The Scots should be told: ‘If you want to be free then you must first let go’. Scotland has been financially dependent upon England for a long time. That has to stop now.

4. Politicians seem to believe that we must do some sort of special deal with the EU. Why? We should do separate deals with those EU countries which want to trade with us. We don’t need any arrangement with the European Union itself. There is no doubt that the EU is now doomed. By arranging formal deals with individual countries we will be in a much stronger position when the EU collapses. Juncker of the EU has banned member states from holding secret talks with the UK. Really? Does anyone give a toss what Juncker says?

5. It is now clear that the world’s financial markets recognise that the UK will be a strong independent country. During the last 24 hours, the pound has got stronger and the euro has weakened. There is little doubt that around the world the pound is considered to be an infinitely safer currency than the euro. There is no need for British politicians to wring their hands and express hysterical post-Brexit nonsense. The UK is perfectly capable of existing by itself and the world’s financial markets now recognise that.

6. The Tories need to find a new leader now. And Cameron needs to resign the minute the new leader is elected. The new Tory leader can then start the process to leave the EU. This can and should be completed within a month at most. Boris Johnson is not the man to lead Britain. He was born in America and has strong links to the EU and thinks too much about what Boris wants and what Boris needs. We need a proud, independent Briton to lead our country. I’m delighted that Michael Gove has thrown his hat into the ring. He’s no great orator and probably not a statesman but he’s probably the best of an inadequate bunch.

7. We need another general election immediately. The present Government is unrepresentative of the British people. Only by holding a general election will it be possible for the British people to acquire fair and proper representation. A majority of British people have no representation in the House of Commons. Those who voted for Brexit should now vote for UKIP. This will give UKIP a powerful voice in Parliament – able to better protect British interests.

8. George Osborne must resign immediately. Osborne fought a dirty war in favour of the EU. He has no place in British politics and should resign immediately.

9. We should start immediate talks with the United States. Donald Trump has expressed sympathy for Britain’s decision to leave the EU. Obama has already back pedalled from his pre-referendum position. We should prepare and sign new agreements with the United States. The EU can fix up whatever deals it fancies.

10. We should prepare a list of firms which supported the Remain campaign. These disloyal companies are no longer wanted in Britain. Company bosses who spoke out in favour of the EU should be voted out of office.

11. EU laws which have become British law should be reversed as quickly as possible. In the next few days, I will publish here a list of some of the legislation which has done enormous damage to the UK and to our way of life – and which must be repealed immediately.

12. Those of you who believe in England and who despise the EU must stick together. We must not allow the establishment to weaken our resolve or to demonise us as a group. Remember, we represent the United Kingdom. And remember too that England and Wales voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 30th June 2016 Please share this article with everyone you know. Our battle to leave the EU is not over.