Twelve truths everyone should know, but no one else will tell you (video transcript)

Dr Vernon Coleman

Hello, it is January 2024 and this is video no 332.

It is an undeniable truth that the world is run by crooks who are corrupt, arrogant and unscrupulous, on behalf of the stupid, the ignorant and the gullible.

In no other area of life is this as true as it is of the world of medicine.

The medical establishment sold itself to the drug industry years ago. Forty nine years ago, in my first book `The Medicine Men’, I pointed out that a profession that takes instructions from an industry can hardly call itself a profession. Today, doctors are just part of the marketing arm of the drugs industry.

And, over the years, the medical establishment has supported and promoted some strange ideas. Just remember that it wasn’t that long ago that doctors were enthusiastically promoting smoking – which they described as health-giving and good for the lungs.

I’ve put together a list of 12 medical inventions and innovations that do more harm than good.

Number one, of course, is vaccines. There is no evidence that vaccines do the good they’re supposed to do but tons of evidence proving that they’re dangerous and lethal. There’s even a government trial proving this. The problem, of course, is that no one has done the research needed to show, for example, that giving 30 or 40 vaccines to an infant and small child is safe. Drug companies say their products are safe and doctors accept what they are told until the evidence appears proving that they aren’t. This happens time and time again, with all sorts of drugs, and my book `Truth Teller: The Price’ contains a summary of the startling evidence showing just how often the big drug companies have been fined for flogging dangerous products. And just for the record, it’s a blatant lie to claim that vaccines conquered smallpox, polio or whooping cough. Take a look at the book `Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying’ if you want to know more.

Second, take chemotherapy. On balance I have no doubt that chemotherapy given to cancer patients has killed far more people than it has saved. There is an essay on which tells you everything you need to know about killer chemotherapy. Like everything else on my website you can read it for free. The essay is called `Chemotherapy: Fraudulent and Deadly’ and you should read it. Just scroll down the list of articles under the button `News and articles’. The evidence showing that chemotherapy may do more harm than good is in my view devastating and irrefutable.

Third, psychiatry. It’s pretty well impossible to think of any medical speciality which has done so little good and so much harm as psychiatry. Psychiatrists are about as scientific and as reliable as horse race tipsters and nowhere near as colourful. The idiots practising this speciality dish out addictive drugs which don’t work, and offer surgical operations such as frontal lobotomies and ECT treatments which maim and destroy. Most psychotropic medication makes people worse not better and tons of pills which are dished out do no damned good for anyone other than greedy drug company executives. Psychotherapy is just as bad. It’s been proved that a chat with a hairdresser or a barman will do more good than a series of sessions with a psychotherapist.

Fourth, care homes and rest homes. These death camps for the frail and susceptible are supported and promoted – and in many cases run – by doctors. The truth is that they should be banned and the care home industry should be outlawed. It’s much better for the elderly to live at home or in special independent accommodation and to be assisted with nurses, care assistants, shoppers and so on who can call in and provide whatever support is needed. Such a system would be cheaper too and it would take much pressure off hospitals. Alternatively, living in a decent hotel is cheaper and invariably more pleasant than a care home – and hotels can provide meals and laundry much more efficiently than care homes. If patients need constant care – and most don’t – then they need to be in a properly equipped, properly staffed nursing home. We need to bring back all the cottage hospitals which have been closed. I wrote my novel `Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War’, on which the film of the same name is based, to draw attention to the care home nightmare.

Fifth, triage. This is the system whereby a GP’s receptionist or a receptionist at the A and E department will ask you questions so that they can decide whether you get seen tomorrow, next week or next year. When practised properly, by Florence Nightingale (who introduced triage in the Crimean War) or by an experienced surgeon in a MASH unit, triage is valuable. But when practised by 18-year-old receptionists who have certificates in domestic science and don’t know which end of a stethoscope goes where, it is intrusive and deadly dangerous.

Sixth, there are all the drugs – such as Ritalin – which are given for a raft of immensely fashionable diseases such as ADHD. Millions of children who are perfectly normal have been labelled as sick by deranged doctors and school teachers. That wouldn’t matter so much but the label comes with a lifetime supply of dangerous medication that makes napalm look tasty. The bottom line, which no one will dare admit, is that these dangerous drugs are frequently given to appease parents who want confirmation that their child isn’t just stupid, badly behaved or inept.

Seventh on my list of huge medical errors comes heart surgery. There is hardly an executive or politician in America who hasn’t had open heart surgery. Many of them have died as a result. The fact is, however, that many of the people who had open heart surgery didn’t need it. Take a look at my book `How to stop your doctor killing you’ for the evidence. Why do surgeons perform so much unnecessary surgery that makes them rich and helps pay for huge houses, large German cars and exotic holidays? Why, indeed.

Eighth on this list comes Hormone Replacement Therapy. If this were a top ten then HRT would be nearer the top of useless and dangerous treatments. Hormone Replacement Therapy was invented by the drug industry as a way of making money out of a natural event. Time and time again it has been shown to be as dangerous as you might expect it would be – including causing cancer. Women who take HRT have been conned by the drug industry – aided and abetted by the media.

Ninth, there is the cholesterol lowering trickery. I know of no evidence that lowering cholesterol is wise or useful. But there is plenty of evidence to show that the drugs prescribed for controlling cholesterol can do a great deal of damage and can be deadly. Doctors would do far more good by providing patients with advice on healthy eating. There are, however, two problems with this. First, most doctors know nothing about healthy eating. Second, the drug companies can’t make money out of allowing doctors to hand out good advice. And anyway it’s a damned sight quicker to hand out pills than to provide patients with basic eating advice.

Tenth on my list comes screening programmes. These were introduced solely to make money. Think about it. Having a medical check-up once a year is as useful as having a bank statement once a year. And the individual screening programmes involving healthy people – such as breast and prostate screening are either dangerous or useless.

Eleventh, there are Do Not Resuscitate notices. Hippocrates wrote in his Oath that doctors should not officiously strive to keep patients alive. Fair enough. He didn’t, however, say that patients who could be saved should be allowed to die to save doctors having to bother saving them or killed by being starved to death or injected with lethal quantities of dangerous drugs. The whole DNR system is corrupt and deadly and should be abandoned immediately. Do Not Resuscitate notices are all part of a massive euthanasia programme designed to help kill people and reduce the population. And the bizarrely popular programme to give people the right to kill themselves is all part of the same lethal deceit – in my view, of course.

And finally, on this list: face masks. I have proved beyond doubt that face masks definitely do far more harm than good. Read my small book on masks which contains over 100 pieces of evidence. And yet ill-informed doctors still insist that their patients wear them and many are so stupid that they wear them too. Face masks cause many diseases including pneumonia and because of the hypoxia they induce they can accelerate the development of cancer.

All these things should be debated at length but none of them ever will be because the medical establishment is owned by the drug industry. The medical establishment and government security agencies such as the CIA have banned me completely from all mainstream media and all social media. They know I’m right and so they won’t dare debate these important issues. Lying and ignorant fact checkers and journalists will simply say I’m wrong but there won’t be any discussion.

Finally, there are three huge lies that you should be aware of.

First, ignorant doctors, ignorant journalists and ignorant politicians often claim that life expectancy has risen dramatically in recent years – thanks to doctors and drug companies.

Sadly, this is a lie. It’s a myth created to excuse the garbage sold by drug companies and prescribed by doctors. There are two reasons why it seems that we’re living longer. First, there are more people alive today than fifty years ago. And so there are bound to be more old people around. Second, mortality figures are skewed by the fact that at the end of the 19th century, infant mortality rates were incredibly high. Babies died regularly of cholera and other infectious diseases. Today, most babies live. Every baby who dies when a few months old drags down the average life expectation. If more babies live then the average goes up. And babies are now more likely to live not because of the drug industry or doctors but because of cleaner drinking water, cleaner air, better sewage disposal and so on.

Second, ignore anyone who says that peer reviews are useful in science. In most peer reviews a bunch of dumb and corrupt scientists paid by drug companies and hired by journals which get their money from drug company advertising, confirm that garbage produced by a scientist paid by a drug company is essential and useful garbage – when it probably isn’t. Intelligent and independent scientists are excluded from the whole process and anyone who talks about peer reviews as if they know what they are talking about is either corrupt or stupid. Or both.

Third, there is the myth that animal experiments are useful in finding new drugs. That’s also a blatant lie – easily disproved.

Experiments on animals are notoriously unreliable and are done to put new products on the market but here’s the trick: if a drug causes problems in animals then the drug will still be sold for human use and the drug companies will say that experiments on animals are useless because animals are different to people. If, however, a drug doesn’t kill animals then the drug company will say this proves the drug is safe. My book `Betrayal of Trust’ contains details of 50 prescription drugs which kill or maim animals but which have been given the green light for human use on the grounds that animals are so different to people that the tests done on them cannot be relied upon.

The obvious question is: why do tests that you know are unreliable?

And the answer, of course, is that when tests DON’T kill animals the drug companies, and compliant doctors, claim this proves the drug or vaccine is safe. And when tests DO kill animals the drug companies ignore the results on the grounds that animals are different to people.

It’s a classic `heads we win, tails you lose’ situation.

And now you know why no one in the medical establishment will dare debate these issues with me and why no mainstream journalist dare talk to me. I rely entirely upon you sharing my videos and articles as widely as you can. Please also subscribe to my channel via the video button on so that you’ll receive notification of new videos. There are no adverts or charges, of course.

I’m the most banned doctor in the world because I tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I’m banned for life from YouTube and all social media and, it seems, all mainstream media. Facebook actually said I was too dangerous for their `community’.

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Finally, please remember you are not alone. More and more people are waking up. And once they’re awake they don’t go back to sleep.

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

And thank you for watching an old man in a chair.

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