Twenty Ways In Which Being In Love Is Good For You

Don't fight it if you feel yourself falling in love.

Few things are better for your health than being in love!

If you are in love - and loved - both your mind and your body will benefit.

You don't have to MAKE love to benefit - just BEING in love is enough!

Researchers around the world have produced evidence to show that people of all ages benefit from being in love.

* For some conditions - and some patients - a cuddle can have magic healing powers!
* If you and someone you love share a loving kiss every morning you will live five years longer!
* If you go off to work with a kiss lingering on your lips you will be less likely to have an accident on the way!
* In some hospitals - and in particular maternity units - double beds are provided so that men and women can cuddle.
* Babies who get lots of love - and are given heaps of hugs and cuddles by their parents - will grow up into more emotionally stable children than babies who don't get enough love.
* Children who are deprived of love grow up to become emotionally tougher and harder than children who get lots of love.

Few things are as good for your health as living with the person you love! Constantly changing partners increases your chances of having a heart attack - or suffering from a hundred different stress-related disorders.

When you are in love every inch of skin - and every organ in your body - will benefit.

When you are in love your body produces numerous essential hormones which make you healthier!

Your output of adrenalin and sex hormones (such as testosterone if you are a man and oestrogen if you are a woman) goes up.

Your body even produces its own natural form of amphetamine.

The only alternative source of this natural amphetamine - and the buzz it gives - is chocolate! That's why so many women and men who are thwarted, frustrated and unhappy in love become chocolate addicts.

As a result you will be on a high - and feel a buzz throughout your body - when you are in love.

In addition, being in love can make you look your most attractive because being in love can make you look and feel sexier!

By boosting your body's production of vital sex hormones, being in love can help to keep your whole body looking younger.

Here are just some of the specific ways in which being in love - and making love to the person you love - can help to change your body for the better:

1. Love can help you look younger by keeping your skin soft and smooth and by reducing your chances of developing wrinkles and other skin disorders.

2. Regular kissing can make your lips more attractive and more kissable! Being in love can give your lips extra colour and improves their shape.

3. Love can help to reduce your chances of suffering badly when you are under stress or when things go wrong. Sex can calm you down and help to make you less irritable and less impatient. Sex can help you to combat indigestion and other stress-related stomach disorders. Loving and being loved helps to vaccinate you against stress and anxiety and distress, and helps to make you less emotionally brittle and susceptible to depression.

4. If you are a woman being in love and making love can improve the size and shape of your breasts. If you are a man being in love and making love can help keep your sexual equipment in tiptop condition!

5. Love offers you the chance to enjoy one of the most natural forms of exercise. Sex is one of the safest of all sports. It can invigorate just about every muscle in your body - and the risk of strains and sprains is low!

6. If you are in love your hair may look shinier and healthier. And because your hair is healthier - and you feel happier - your chances of suddenly losing your hair will go down.

7. Being in love can give your eyes bigger pupils and may, therefore, make your eyes look more dramatic and attractive. When our pupils are enlarged we look far more attractive to other people. Look at pictures used in advertisements and you will usually see that the models have large pupils! (When men are shown two pictures of the same woman - one with small pupils and one with enlarged pupils - they almost always prefer the picture with the large pupils!)

8. Being aroused and in love can contract the muscles around your nipples! Love can also increases the blood flow into them - making them stand up and look larger.

9. When you are in love your body's sensitivity to touch can increase - making every caress light a fire inside you.

10. By increasing the blood flow to your skin being in love can increase the supply of essential food and oxygen to your skin cells. Love can also make you look pinker and healthier.

11. Sex can improve your circulation. Love can give your heart an instant, painless work-out. Falling in love, making love, and staying in love can help improve the strength, fitness and health of your heart.

12. Being in love can improve your self-confidence and give you more self-assurance.

13. Love can reduce your chances of nibbling when you aren't really hungry and so can help to stop you putting on extra weight you don't want.

14. Love can help your body burn up food faster - and so help you stay slim.

15. Love-making can make you more supple and can increase the flexibility of your joints. It can reduce your chances of suffering from painful joints. It may even help you get rid of aches and pains.

16. Love helps you burn up unwanted calories. You can get rid of 200 - 300 calories in a single session of love-making. If you make love three times a week you could lose nearly a stone in just twelve months!

17. By exercising your body and helping you to combat stress love can help to protect you from strokes, high blood pressure and heart disease - three of the biggest killers of the twenty first century.

18. By making you sweat, having sex can help to rid your body of potentially harmful toxins.

19. Love can improve the shape of your bottom.

20. Love can help you combat asthma, arthritis, hayfever, nasal congestion and even a headache!

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2003