Vernon Coleman's Speech to the UKIP Conference October 2006

Vernon Coleman

There's been a lot of stuff in the papers about Blair resigning. The big question we should be asking is not: `When will Blair bugger off and join Bush's Carlyle group as a director on 10 zillion dollars a year' but: `When will the sneaky, lying, mean-faced little toe rag be arrested?'

Blair is a traitorous, deceitful little piece of scum. And a war criminal. Blair has done more lasting damage to our country and our freedom than any one else in history. Ever. Blair - and just about every other senior British politician for three decades - has betrayed us. Ted Heath was just the first in a long line of politicians who betrayed their country. I saw a letter yesterday from someone from the Government's Department for Constitutional Affairs. He said: `When Britain signed the Treaty of Rome and passed the European Commmunities Act 1972 the superiority of European Law was accepted and Parliament was no longer sovereign.' Not quite what Heath told us when he talked off-handedly about a `trading partnership'. What a tragedy it was that Heath died before he could be hung as a traitor to his country. Thanks to Heath, Blair and co we now live in a fascist country where the state is all and where everyone is guilty of something. Everything has happened very quietly and very quickly and tho' people complain about the little things - the spies in the dustbins - they still don't see the big picture.

Our government is fond of telling us that the states we're at war with are fascist. But we're the ones with a fascist government, living in a fascist country. And I'll prove it to you.


Fascism was invented by Benito Mussolini. Here is how he defined it: `fascism reasserts the rights of the state as expressing the real essence of the individual.' Mussolini's philosophy was based on restricting individual freedom. Fascism reduces our freedom and privacy because only the state really matters and the state (and those who work for it and control it) come first and the people come second. The state's employees exist to defend the state (rather than to care for the people) and their loyalties are to the state. That's the fundamental difference between a fascist state and any sort of democracy. In a democracy the Government looks after the people. In a fascist country the Government looks after the state and itself. Fascists have no respect for individuals or individualism. The state is all. And the functionaries of the state make all the decisions.

How else would you describe the politics of Blair, Brown, Blunkett and Brussels but as pure Mussolini inspired fascism?

Here's the evidence showing that we live in a fascist country.


We are going to be saddled with the EU constitution no one wants. EU politicians are bringing the constitution back. They've decided that the people who voted against it were wrong or stupid or not entitled to have an opinion. This, remember, is the EU which costs British taxpayers 200 a second more than we get out of it. And it's the EU which is so corrupt and full of fraud that auditors haven't approved its accounts for the last 11 years. Bizarrely, the EU has been moaning about corruption in Bulgaria. The EU worried about corruption! The words `pot', `black' and `kettle' spring to mind. When I think EU I think Enron. And then I think, No, that's not fair. There were probably lots of honest people working at Enron. It's the EU which is the most fascist organisation in the history of the world. The EU is, of course, Hitler's dream come true since it was Herr Hitler who had the idea of a federal `United States of Europe'. If Hitler was alive today he wouldn't be skulking in South America. He'd be living in Brussels with a massive salary and a generous housing allowance. He'd probably be Life President. In my book The Truth They Won't Tell You And Don't Want You To Know About The EU I offered to send a case of good champagne to the first person who could define a noticeable difference between the design of Hitler's planned EU and the structure of the EU we've got. There have, of course, been no takers since there is no difference.

It's the EU which is being run by people like Peter Mandelson. I wouldn't hire Mandleson to fill in a mortgage application form and he's helping to run the new European superstate.

It is, of course, thanks to the EU that our cultural identity is being changed. Anyone who protests about mass immigration from EU countries is dismissed as a racist. That is a fascist lie. There is a huge difference between the sort of immigration we have today and the old-fashioned sort. Today most of the people pouring into Britain have no interest in our culture, history or lifestyle. Many gouge as much cash as they can out of the country, send it back to wherever they really consider to be home and then go back to join it later. Poland is now so short of workers that they're having to import Russians to do the jobs that would be done by the Poles if there were any left there. The French don't allow free immigration into their country. They never accept EU laws which they think might be bad for France. Here's some nice Blair quotes about the EU for you:

1. `The European Economic Community takes away Britain's freedom to follow the sort of economic policies we need.'
Tony Blair, personal manifesto 1982

2.` We'll negotiate a withdrawal from the EEC which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs.'
Tony Blair, standing for parliament in 1983

3. `On the day we remember the legend that St George slayed a dragon to protect England, some would argue that there is another dragon to be slayed: Europe.'
Tony Blair on St Georges Day 1997, speaking to 'The Sun'

4. `I am a passionate European. I always have been.'
Tony Blair, speaking to the EU in 2005

Despite Blair's confusion his Government has brought in endless unwanted European laws - including metrication. I've decided to sell copies of my books by the pound. My book The Truth They Won't Tell You About The EU now costs 15 a pound. England Our England costs 26 a pound. Moronic little trading standards officers who want to arrest me for using imperial measures should make an orderly queue at the front door.

England is not recognised by the EU. Look up England in the latest electronic version of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and this is what you'll find: `Despite the political, economic and cultural legacy that has perpetuated its name, England no longer officially exists as a country.'

The EU is planning to break England into nine regions. Voters in the North East of England were given the chance to vote for Prescott's Regional Parliament. They wisely rejected it. But as I've been warning in my books for an eternity, all nine new regions of England have had secret Parliaments for ages. The vote was undemocratic nonsense. More fascism in action.

As an Englishman I am now a member of an endangered ethnic group which the EU, aided and abetted by the Government, is attempting to destroy. It's a silent holocaust. The denial of England and Englishness is turning the English into stateless persons. This is ethnic cleansing. It's genocide without the blood letting. The introduction of ID cards also shows that we're living in a fascist country. Thanks to the EU, we are going to be forced to buy identity (ID) cards we don't want. Politicians have stopped referring to identity cards. They now prefer to describe them as `entitlement cards'. What this means is that you will be entitled to stay out of prison if you've got one. Here's some true stuff you might not know: You'll have to attend an appointment to be photographed and fingerprinted and have your iris scanned or you will be fined up to 2,500. (Incidentally, I'm a doctor and I'm not convinced that iris scans won't endanger your sight. As far as I know no one has bothered to do any clinical trials to find out whether or not iris scans are dangerous. We'll probably find out in ten or twenty years time.) You'll pay up to 100 to get your compulsory card. That's 400 for a family of four. And another 400 every time you move house, change jobs, find you've got another disease or buy a new car. You must tell the police if you lose your card or if it becomes defective. Or spend 51 weeks in prison. You must promptly inform the National Register of any change of address or any other change to your personal life. You will have to give all your previous addresses and all your current addresses - wherever they are. When burglars get hold of the register they'll be able to check where you are and where you aren't. You must carry your ID card at all times. There is something very fascist about being expected to carry identification with you at all times. To begin with the punishment for not carrying your card will be an arrest, a criminal record and a fine. But the evidence (from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union) shows that the punishments will become increasingly severe. Easy pickings for a Government which is obsessed with gouging money out of already stretched taxpayers. Here's what they're going to put on your ID card: your home address, addresses of any second homes and other previous homes, date and place of birth, physical characteristics, fingerprints, nationality, medical details, financial details - what bank accounts you've got and how much there is in them - criminal record, car details, phone numbers and anything else they think might be useful. Cus, what do you think they've said they're going to do with all this? They're going to sell it to anyone who wants to buy it. You will be bombarded with phone calls from salesmen who know your shoe size, bra size and how much you earn.

ID cards are being sold to us on the grounds that they will keep terrorists out of the country and make our country safer. This is what is politely known as a barefaced lie. Something of a Blair speciality. Spain had ID cards before the Madrid bombings, and the alleged September 11th hijackers all showed security guards their identity cards. Even if terrorists can't get hold of legal identity cards they will make their own. The only way ID cards will help prevent terrorism will be if terrorists get ID cards with the word `terrorist' embossed on them. If thieves manage to steal your fingerprints or iris scan you will lose these very personal bits of biometric data for ever. You can't change your iris scan every time it gets nicked. Fraudsters will, of course, be able to fake iris scans and fingerprints.

Our fascist politicians want ID cards because when you accept an ID card you lose power, independence and freedom and you give all those things to the people who have issued the card. ID cards will contain a chip which will tell them where you are every minute of every day of your life. The Government (and anyone to whom they sell the information) will always know exactly where you are.

Here's a nice quote for you:

`Instead of wasting hundreds of millions of pounds on compulsory ID cards...let that money provide thousands more police officers.'
Tony Blair, speaking in 1995, before he met George W.Bush and bought a house worth several million pounds.


It isn't difficult to find specific examples of the fascist state in action:

There was the woman who read out the names of British soldiers who had died in Iraq was arrested. There was the heckler who dared shout out 'Nonsense' during a speech by the hideous Jack Straw at last year's Labour Party Conference was manhandled and forcibly ejected from the building by two stewards. He had his security pass confiscated. The 82-year-old was detained under the Terrorism Act when he tried to re-enter the hall. He was a refugee from Nazi Germany, so attending the Labour Party Conference must have made him feel nostalgic. There was the woman who wore a T-shirt carrying the words `Bollocks to Blair'- she was taken away by police. There was the woman who said on the radio that she didn't believe homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children. She was contacted by the police who told her that she had been responsible for a homophobic incident - a priority crime. I wonder if the police had read the Human Rights Act. Article 9: `you are free to hold a broad range of views, beliefs and thoughts.'

When the Chinese leader last visited Britain, people concerned about China's record on human rights wanted to protest peacefully. They were dragged away by police to avoid embarrassing the Chinese leader. This was, incidentally, yet another official breach of Human Rights Act. Article 10 says `You have the right to hold opinions and express your views on your own or in a group. This applies even if they are unpopular or disturbing.' Six students at Lancaster University were prosecuted for heckling at a conference held at the University and attended by an arms dealer, an oil company and a drug company. They were accused of interrupting a speech by Lord Sainsbury. Personally, I think that the ones who didn't interrupt the speech by Sainsbury are the ones who should have been arrested. Here's another example of fascism in action. There was the pensioner who, during the European elections, put up a poster on which he wrote: `Free speech for England. Don't forget the 1945 war.' He was arrested and charged with racially aggravated criminal damage. Human Rights Act. Nine and ten. Local communities spend years fighting planning applications for things they don't want. When they win, the Deputy Prime Minister overrules the democratic process because he doesn't like the result. That's pure fascism in action. A group of excited schoolchildren, visiting London for the day to take photographs in aid of charity, were marched away when they tried to take photographs of Trafalgar Square. Nelson's dead - and spinning - but the police presumably thought that photos might endanger his life.

I could give you hundreds more examples of practical fascism in action. There's a pattern. The police in Britain are allowed to shoot innocent people. They can drive at 159 mph without having points put on their licence. Not even the lawyers can keep up with the oppressive new laws. If an EU country wants to extradite you it can. You have no choice. Do something in, say, Greece that you don't know is illegal (and that isn't illegal in the UK) and the Greeks have the right to demand that you be extradited to stand trial in Greece. No need for a proper trial here. You just get extradited. If you put material on a website which is legal in the UK but illegal somewhere else in Europe you could find yourself being extradited and put on trial.

We've got more surveillance cameras than any country in the world - except Monaco, which is only wo foot square. It's difficult for decent citizens to avoid breaking the law on an almost daily basis. There's a fine of 2500 for not having a bell on your bike. Is it any wonder that every year 300,000 hard working Britons leave the country to live abroad? My wife and I have to send our Christmas cards in November cus everyone we know lives abroad.


Who keeps voting for the lying, cheating fascist traitors? Well, politicians have twigged that there is an easy way to get the votes they need. Welfare support and means-testing mean that increasing numbers of people are now content to lie back and let their nation look after them. Instead of encouraging and rewarding self-sufficiency the Government is encouraging dependence. There are millions of citizens in Britain today who genuinely believe that the State has a duty to provide them with money and services. Their dependence on the State is the reason for their loyalty to the State. They will keep voting for the fascist state because it cares for them. If you add together the number of people living on state benefits and the number of people receiving state salaries it comes to around 25% of the population. Guess what percentage of the voters put Blair into power at the last election? Around 23%. The Tories have realised this and that's why Cameron and his sad bunch of feeble-minded henchmen are aping the policies which have kept Blair in power. It's why it doesn't matter a damn whether the Tories or Labour get in. They're interchangeable. Cameron is a smarmy, gormless telegenic Blair clone. Cameron wants to hug hoodies. Let him. He won't be walking for a long time if he tries it round our way. By voting for the EU and for illegal wars, and by abandoning England and Britain, the Tories have betrayed us all and devalued politics.


Occasionally I get letters from people criticising me for being too rude in my books. `You shouldn't say such terrible things about our leaders,' they say. Well, bugger niceness. It's too late for niceness. They're stealing my country and my freedom and my privacy. What the hell am I supposed to do? Offer them tea and cucumber sandwiches? We're at war with our own Government. If you don't feel like fighting then just sit down, have a biscuit and a cup of tea and wait for them to come and get you. Because they will.

Talking of being rough on politicians. I am fed up of Brown being portrayed by his chums in the media as an economic wizard. If Brown is anything mystical he's a witch not a wizard. He has destroyed this country's economic stability with his obsessions with red tape, means-testing and central control. It was Brown who sold off our gold reserves at rock bottom prices. He should have resigned in shame for that alone. Brown's benefit schemes mean that over half the population is now reliant on state handouts. Mussolini would have been proud. Brown has, single handedly, destroyed pensions in Britain. No one, in the history of this country, has ever done more damage to our economy than this exceedingly ambitious and unpleasant little Scotsman. Let him go back home and destroy Scotland. He's one damned immigrant we'd be better off without. I say this to you under the protection of article 10 of the Human Rights Act. Bless it. As an aside, I should point out that the Human Rights Act was given to us by the Council of Europe which was created by Winston Churchill after the Second World War. It is nothing to do with the EU.


The only safe assumption today is that everything we are told is a lie. This isn't paranoia. It's the only truth worth believing. And the media, in its most powerful forms, is as responsible as the politicians.

Talking of lying, cheating, deceitful, contemptible media takes me straight into the BBC.

There is proven BBC bias in favour of the EU and the sooner the BBC disappears, the better chance we will have of recovering our democracy. If the BBC ever had a debate on the EU the two sides would be: `Is the EU a wonderful thing' or, on the other side, `Is the EU a very wonderful thing'.

Something that really pisses me off about the BBC is that if you buy a TV set you'll be dobbed in to the TV licensing gestapo. And then you start getting the increasingly hostile letters. James Whale of Talksport has the right idea. He says that after you've had a few of these letters they send someone round to knock on your door.

`Good evening,' he says, when they arrive.
`We're from TV licensing,' they say.
`Thank you for coming,' says James politely. And he shuts the door on them.

Most of our national newspapers aren't much better than the BBC. Many still haven't realised that we have regional parliaments. They exist. They're real. Unelected but real. Or maybe the papers have realised but prefer to keep it quiet.

I never really expect the media to review my political books - and they don't. But, what does surprise me somewhat is the fact that advertisements for books of mine such as England Our England and Living in a Fascist Country have now been banned. For example, both the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail now refuse to accept ads for my book England Our England. I even had an ad prepared which said 'Banned' and gave the title of one of my books. They banned that too.

Last week the Daily Mail made it pretty clear that its endorsing Gordon Brown as a future Prime Minister. The utterly bizarre headline they ran was `Brown Offers Britain A Moral Compass'. This is the same Gordon Brown who has impoverished millions of hardworking pensioners and who supported the illegal invasion of Iraq. The same Brown who described Blair as `the most successful PM of all time'. The same Brown whom even the PM's wife is alleged to have called a liar. The Daily Mail, remember, supported Britain's entry into the Common Market in the 1970s.

`There is,' said the Daily Mail, `a decency and integrity about Mr Brown that the Mail admires.' What deal, I can't help wondering, has turned the Daily Mail into a Brown supporter?


So what do we do? Sadly, most people in Scotland and Wales are no longer interested in saving the United Kingdom; they have been suckered into thinking that they have independent futures ahead of them. They do not realise that they are effectively no more than European regions. Despite the fact that they receive a subsidy of over 11 billion a year from London, many Scots hate the English and they hate the Union too.

Look at the results of any election. UKIP gets very few votes in Scotland or Wales. Most don't fly union flags in Scotland. Many Scottish and Welsh nationalists genuinely believe that they are one step from independence. In reality, they are further from independence than they've ever been and if they had any sense they would be fighting against the EU with all their might.

We need to fight hard for an English Parliament, where Englishmen and women can decide the fate of Englishmen and women. It is outrageous that Scottish MPs can introduce legislation on health and education which don't affect their constituents. And it's equally absurd that anyone should consider foisting a Scottish Prime Minister on us.

The English desperately needs a party to represent them.

And we need to get out of the EU.There are those who say we cannot leave but I saw a letter from the Government this week confirming once again that the UK can leave the EU any time it wishes.


The State is now our enemy. The Government is the biggest threat to our freedom and prosperity.

Most people don't do anything to fight fascism, of course. Most people spend their days stressed and trying to keep up with all the new rules. And the Government has deliberately made us all afraid. I call it the Tanks at Heathrow syndrome but it wasn't invented by New Labour. Hitler and Goebels were masters at making people afraid by creating enemies.

We should be afraid - not of what they tell us to fear, but of the Government. Anyone not frightened of the Government doesn't understand what is going on.


We'll win through our passion; because we care more than they do. Blair stands for power, self-aggrandisement, vanity, status. We've got bigger things to fight for: our history, our culture, our independence and our freedom. As I said in an early book, they've stolen our country and we want it back.

The Blairs, Browns, Camerons and so on are a foul cancer that we have to keep out of office. This is no longer about politics. It's about our identity, and our future. We're fighting the most important war we've ever had to fight - against the most corrupt and dangerous enemy we've ever faced. Our job is to alert anyone who doesn't realise that yet. Because time is running out. The mass media won't help but if everyone here tells the truth to one person a week - give or lend them a book or leaflet to read - and each of those people tells the truth to another person then in just a few months we will reach every man, woman and child in Britain. Talking to people - is our greatest weapon.

We must persuade people never ever to vote for one of the big political parties again. That way we can throw out the fascists and claim our country back. Because it is our country. It doesn't belong to the fascist bastards who are trying to steal it. Let's take our country back.

Thank you.

Copyright Vernon Coleman, October 2006

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