Christians under Fire

Dr Vernon Coleman

Christians everywhere are being cornered, bullied and vilified.

In Ukraine and Israel, Christians are subjected to violence which would be the subject of worldwide condemnation if members of other religions were being persecuted.

And when the authorities and the mainstream media in the US wanted to claim that the soldier who had leaked secret US intelligence papers was a dangerous lunatic, they described him as a right winger and a Christian.

In the UK, the coronation for the new king of England will include Muslim content when the king, as Defender of the Faith, should represent and uphold Christianity alone. Charles has, once again, shown that he is a traitor, a conspirator and unfit to lead England. (It is clear, by the way, that Charles decided many years ago that his coronation should contain non-Christian elements. Charles is no king. Itís time to abandon the royal family and send them back to Germany. This arrogant band of entitled dimwits has betrayed the people and has far outlived any usefulness they may have once had. If youíll excuse the wonderfully mixed metaphor, they have lived high on the land on the backs of British taxpayers for far too long. Spending at least £250 million on a coronation ceremony was obscene. Inviting the entire population to pledge allegiance and homage to Charles, rather than the crown or the country, was an outrageous and deeply offensive piece of hubris which illustrates the manís absurd sense of self-importance. Announcing an extra bank holiday will cost a bankrupt country billions. Charles and his sorry family are takers not givers and of no value other than to those who like to gossip or throw an egg.)

The conspirators and the globalists want to eradicate Christianity completely. It is another aspect of the oppression that is an integral part of the Great Reset.

For more about the future they have planned please read `They want your money and your lifeí and `Social Credit: Nightmare on your Streetí Ė both are available via the bookshops on and

Alternatively, if you DONíT want to know what is happening (and what you can do to protect yourself) just keep reading and watching the mainstream media which can be guaranteed to provide a constant diet of banal untruths, tasty misinformation and scurrilous disinformation.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2023