Union Strike Action May Lead To Civil War - And The End Of The Big State

Unions, many of which are led by bosses paid over 100,000 a year, are threatening to cause chaos because the Government wants to limit absurdly over-generous public sector pensions. Ordinary teachers have taxpayer funded pension pots of 500,000. Headmasters and police chiefs have pension pots measured in millions. In contrast, millions of private sector workers can look forward to pensions which will just about pay for a twice weekly bowl of gruel.

I've been warning about the public sector pension crisis for nearly a decade and now I believe that the planned strikes could produce an explosion and split the country. It's no exaggeration to say that we could be heading for a new civil war.

Those who don't work for the Government are getting fed up with the greedy bastards who do. Millions of public sector workers enjoy higher salaries, almost unlimited expense accounts, long holidays, unlimited days off for sickness and huge pensions. The people who do the real, productive work find it offensive that greedy, selfish public sector workers should have the brass neck to go on strike to maintain their absurd pension rights.

Worse still, private sector workers understand what Brown and the bankers did to the country and they know that the economy could easily fall into a deep depression that lasts for generations to come. Teachers who close schools and force proper workers to take time off work will do enormous damage to the state of the nation.

Public sector workers clearly don't give a fig about the country or the economy. Their strikes say it all. These are me me me me me people. Their strikes will lead to more redundancies and more real pain for the millions who live in the real world. Companies will close.

As a result, selfish, traitorous school teachers and all the rest of the public sector workforce will find themselves loathed in a way that strikers never have been hated before.

Let's be straight about this: these strikes are not for a living wage or a decent standard of living. These strikes are all about greed and selfishness. The people striking already have far more than their fair share. They are vastly overpaid. Their pensions are absurdly over-generous. And they are fighting simply to keep their ill-gotten, undeserved gains.

I suspect that there will be some real resentment in the country during the coming months.

People will begin to resent their neighbours who are overpaid, and who have unaffordable, taxpayer funded pensions, but who have the outrageous cheek to cause disruption by striking.

The unions are going to divide the country in two: those who work for the State and those who do proper work.

The unions will lose.

The strikers will become social outcasts; hated and despised for their greed and selfishness. Teachers will be as popular as tax collectors and those snotty bastards who pat people down at airports.

This could be the end of the Big State.

I suspect that these selfish strikes will result in an awakening: a civil war that leads to a society in which the State plays a much smaller role. A society in which there are far fewer State employees. A society in which State employees are no longer overpaid.

There's a cheerful thought.

A happy ending, after all.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 30th 2011