`Their Terrifying Plan’ – Unmasking the Globalists

Dr Vernon Coleman

`For over a year I’ve known I had to write a book exploring and explaining how the conspirators planned their takeover of the world, how they conceived the idea of using fake scares (such as covid-19 and climate change) and how American banks (using the IMF, the World Bank and the BIS) have taken over one country after another. My new book explains everything. It’s very, very scary and packed with facts.’ – Vernon Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman’s latest book `Their Terrifying Plan’ explains how insane, billionaire globalists are plotting to take over the world and details precisely how they have created a terrifying future designed to change life for everyone alive and for every generation to come.

It sounds like a plot for a 1960s movie. But, if you’re reading this the chances are that you’ll know it’s all very real.

In the first part of the book Dr Coleman discusses the way things are changing. He traces the conspiracy back to the 18th century and shoots holes in the arguments of Thomas Malthus. He describes the creation in 1930 of the Bank for International Settlements and looks at the way Alger Hiss, a communist and member of the Council for Foreign Relations, worked with John McCloy, a Nazi loving banker, to help create the United Nations. He looks at the formation of NATO in 1949. `America is the big rock star and the other countries in NATO are session musicians providing backing music.’

Dr Coleman provides a detailed account of the way unelected pressure groups, alliances and lobbyists such as the Council for Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, NATO and the WEF have taken control of everything we do. He shows how the United Nations, governments, bankers and banking institutions (such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements) have, for the best part of a century overthrown governments, started wars, deliberately created crises and stolen land, oil and other natural resources. He explains how US officials have led the World Bank to promote the growing of farm products which don’t compete with America. He describes how small farmers are deliberately put out of business. He looks at the Iron Mountain Report, the Club of Rome and the Club of Madrid and the Transpacific Partnership. And much more!

In `Their Terrifying Plan’ you can read about the horrifying way in which the United Nations and the United States – together with the IMF and the World Bank – stepped in to `help’ Somalia. You’ll find how forcing farmers to vaccinate their animals helped destroy the country. And you can read how America created a new court which `has the power to review any nation’s laws and annul the actions of that country’s legislature, executive and judiciary’.

Dr Coleman shows how the climate change myth and a fake pandemic were deliberately created in order to manipulate the weak and the easily led. `Their Terrifying Plan’ is a comprehensive summary of the conspiracy now threatening our freedom and our humanity.

You have to read the whole 174-page book to see the Big Picture.

For example, I bet you thought you knew everything there is to know about the World Economic Forum.

But did you know that Herman J.Abs was invited to chair the Second WEF Meeting at Davos? Abs was the bank director who helped Hitler by forcibly buying Jewish banks and using the money to build the Nazi war machine. During the Second World War, Abs was a member of a secret group known as the Committee for Foreign Economic Affairs. He helped plan German’s future after the end of World War II.

After the war, Abs was asked to help rebuild German banking – even though he had been arrested as a war criminal and sentenced to death. A Bank of England official rescued and protected Abs, who became President of a major German bank and decided which German companies received the billions of dollars provided by Marshall Aid. Abs was one of the former Nazis who helped create the European Union.

The honorary sponsor of the Third WEF Meeting at Davis in 1973 was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands – another unrepentant former Nazi and the founder of the Bilderbergers.

And on it goes.

Today, the WEF has an income of 383 million Swiss francs and Klaus Schwab is paid over $1 million a year. Not bad for an organisation that started life as the European Management Forum with an endowment of 25,000 Swiss francs.

`Their Terrifying Plan’ is packed with startling revelations and is available at the moment on Amazon as a paperback. The price in the UK is £4.99 and in the US it is $5.99. Prices in other countries are similar. If you want a copy please purchase without delay.

Dr Coleman has kept the price of the book as low as possible in the hope that it will reach millions of readers world-wide. He believes that only by sharing the truth with as many people as possible will we be able to prevent the Great Reset and halt the race towards digitalisation, compulsory vaccination programmes and the rest of the horror they have planned. Dr Coleman receives just 30 pence per book as a royalty and has promised to spend every penny he earns from the sale of `Their Terrifying Plan’ on purchasing more copies of the book to post off to journalists, politicians, pressure groups and opinion makers.

`I’ve spent a small fortune researching `Their Terrifying Plan’,’ said Dr Coleman. `And I’m already buying and posting off as many copies of my book as I can. I believe the revelations in this book can stop the Great Reset dead in its tracks.’

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Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2023