What to do with GPs Who Wonít See Unvaccinated Patients

Dr Vernon Coleman

Well, it had to happen, didnít it?

I hear that some GPs are now saying that they will not give face to face consultations (or, presumably, offer home visits) to patients who have not been given the unnecessary covid-19 jab that doesnít do what people think it does and which has already been shown to have injured or killed millions.

I am appalled.

I found it horrifying that GPs didnít want to see patients but wanted to restrict themselves to phone or video conversations during 2020.

My friend and colleague Dr Colin Barron agrees with me that you canít diagnose illnesses with a video consultation. You cannot palpate or auscultate for a start. And phone conversations are just as bad Ė pretty well useless.

But refusing to see patients who havenít been jabbed is beyond disgraceful. I believe it is unethical and immoral Ė as well as being entirely unjustified.

Two things.

First, many of those who rejected the experimental jab did so for solid, medical or moral reasons. The Government has already agreed that vegans do not have to have the jab. People who have had anaphylactic shock reactions shouldnít have the jab. Doctors who refuse to treat these patients are discriminating. And discrimination is illegal.

Second, I believe that doctors in the UK who are working for the NHS and who refuse to see patients who havenít had a specific jab are in breach of their NHS contract. So if your GP says she or he wonít treat un-jabbed patients make a formal complaint to the NHS Ė immediately. You can find the details of how and where to complain on the internet.

Third, I think you should also make a formal complaint to the General Medical Council Ė you can find their details on the internet.

We have to put a stop to this outrageous nonsense right now.

Even if you donít need a doctor now you should make formal complaints immediately. And you should let the doctors concerned know what you are doing.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2021

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