Dr Vernon Coleman

Sadly, vernoncoleman.org is no more – though we still own the domain and it has been redirected to www.vernoncoleman.com (though the redirect won’t work if you have bookmarked the .org site).

And quite a number of my videos seem to have disappeared – though just where they’ve gone to is a mystery.

It seems that the conspirators have been busy again. The attacks seem to have coincided with the publication of my two most recent books: `Their Terrifying Plan’ and `A Needle for a Needle’.

The good news is that my main website (www.vernoncoleman.com) is still up and running. It’s been running since at least 1992 (when 75% of the visitors were members of the American army, the CIA and the FBI) and as a result of its age, it uses a lot of oil and produces rather too much blue smoke but it’s still running. Or at least it was when I wrote this. It struggles with steep hills but don’t we all?

We’re looking down the back of the sofa to see if we can find copies of the videos which have disappeared. We hope to put them up soon. Meanwhile, if you have copies of any old videos of mine please put them up on bitchute, onevsp, rumble, etc., etc.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2023