Use Cash Not Cards

Vernon Coleman

You dont need to be paranoid to realise that people who eschew cash and use credit cards for every purchase are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Governments want us to stop using cash because they will then be able to control us completely. And banks and shops are enthusiastically supporting the anti-cash campaign. Numerous shops now refuse to take cash at all. I have even come across public car parks where cash is not accepted.

Banks are now forced to tell the authorities if customers take out more than a few thousand pounds at a time. Cash machines are disappearing rapidly. Nations have stopped making high value notes to make it more difficult to use cash to buy bigger items.

The reason for all this is simple.

If all our money is electronic then Governments will be able to control us completely. They will be able to confiscate our money in an instant. They will know where we go, what we do and what we buy and when we buy it.

And a cashless society will make it easier for them tax us and to push up tax rates without any protest. They will be able to collect what they want straight from your account without any discussion or chance for you to protest. There will be plenty of taxation but not a lot of representation.

So, try to use cash more often.

Using cash is a blow for freedom and a blow against the totalitarian State.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2019

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