How I used YouTube to Promote BrandNewTube

Dr Vernon Coleman

The people who run YouTube arenít just stooges for the evil people behind the global coup.

They are also stupid.

After they started taking down my videos in the summer of 2020 I joined Brand New Tube. But I kept the YouTube account. I didnít put up any videos about covid or vaccines because I knew they would take them down. Instead I left the YouTube account open, made videos about other things and used YouTube as an advertising hoarding for my BrandNewTube account. Every time I made a video I put in plugs for BrandNewTube!

It took the idiots 18 months to spot what I was doing. And these people think theyíre bright?

Although I hadnít put up any videos since September 2021 and had not put up any videos about covid or vaccines for over 18 months (since I joined Brand New Tube), YouTube suddenly removed my channel on Saturday 8th January 2022.

This was a retrospective ban, without warning, and to me typified the completely improper, immoral way in which Google and YouTube conduct their business. They tell me I am also not allowed to access, possess or create any other YouTube channel. Oh dear.

I had 216,000 subscribers at YouTube (nearly all acquired in the first few months of 2020) and had put up at least 136 videos. Half of my videos had been removed one at a time before the channel was removed.

Every single video of mine was accurate and full of valuable information. Many millions of people had viewed the videos which have been removed.

As we have known for some time, YouTube finds truth and information far less acceptable than lies and deceit.

In a way it is sad all that work has gone forever (at least 136 days of work is lost) and some of the non-covid videos Iíd put up seemed to be widely loved, but those responsible for this oppressive, censorship will doubtless receive commendations, knighthoods and big fat cheques from the Evil Ones.

And itís comforting to know what idiots there are running YouTube.

Thanks for 18 months of free advertising for BrandNewTube!

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 8th 2022