Vaccination Challenge

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Here’s a strange thing.

There have, in recent years, been a good many headlines about the dangers posed by kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and tumble dryers.

Newspapers have been full of stories of fridges and dryers suddenly bursting into flames for no good reason at all. There have been headlines, enquiries and questions galore – and manufacturers have been forced to issue recall notices and provide modifications. Consumer magazines have had a field day with reports and scary stories.

There was a story last year that in the UK half a million owners of tumble dryers were urged to unplug their appliances. One manufacturer who had sold five and a half million appliances was reported to have been responsible for a fault which had caused 750 fires over an 11 year period.

In numerical terms some probably thought the risks seemed to be fairly small – approximately 1 in 7,500 appliances sold.

But that was rightly considered unacceptable.

Now, what I don’t understand is that the people who regarded that sort of risk to be a scandal and an outrage and a subject for thousands of column inches of carefully crafted indignation in the press have not been in the slightest bit concerned by the risks involved in vaccination programmes.

Indeed, the people promoting vaccines never talk about risks at all. They admit that there might be some discomfort, a headache, a fever and so on.

But they don’t talk about the big risks: the risk that a patient could be killed or severely brain damaged by a vaccination. Let’s put aside the autism risk – which, for some inexplicable reason, seems to drive pro-vaxx defenders into a state of incoherent rage – and concentrate on the risk of death and brain damage.

And here is the surprise: the risks with vaccines aren’t particularly small.

The serious risks with some vaccines are, of course, fairly low – around one in 100,000 for example.

But the risks with other vaccines are known to be much higher – one in 20,000 or one in 10,000 even.

The figure of 1 in 10,000 for a future vaccine for the coronavirus was mentioned by Bill Gates in an interview in which he mentioned that if seven billion people were, as he planned, given a new coronavirus vaccine then 700,000 people might be damaged.

And with a vaccine we aren’t talking about a need to repaint the kitchen – as might happen after a tumble dryer fire. You can’t put vaccine damage right with a few pots of paint, a brush and a new set of curtains.

A paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that seizures occur in about 1 in 640 children with one popular childhood vaccination.

The problems with vaccines are, I repeat, often dismissed as inconvenient symptoms.

But with vaccine damage we can be talking about severe brain damage requiring life-long care. And we’re talking about the ultimate side effect – one that none of the pro-vaxxers ever likes to talk about - death.

If you think I am making this up just ask yourself why the American Government has paid out over $4 billion as a result of vaccine injuries. In the UK, the Government has a standard fee of £120,000 for damage caused by some vaccines. And in the past it has paid out large amounts of money to people damaged by vaccines. And remember that most patients, and their relatives, never make a claim because no one ever admits that the brain damage or the death were caused by a vaccine.

In America, the CDC states that the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System receives reports for only a small fraction of adverse events. The quoted figure is that approximately 40 cases of death and permanent injury a year are reported for the MMR vaccine alone but it has been estimated that as few as 1% of serious side effects from medical products are reported. Doctors don’t tend to report suspected side effects however serious they are – usually because they are frightened of being sued but also because they don’t like to face the fact that a product they have recommended has done so much harm.

Check it out. Do a little research. Ask your political representative – though you may have to wait a while to get a straight answer.

How much fuss do you think journalists and parents would make if it were reported that if a brand of tumble dryer killed or permanently injured 40 children a year?

But journalists concentrate on demonising anyone who dares to suggest that there might, conceivably, perhaps be more problems with vaccinations than is generally accepted. In a number of countries there has been talk of making it an act of terrorism even to mention the fact that vaccines might cause problems.

It is, perhaps, not surprising that Mr Gates has insisted that the manufacturers of any new vaccine against the coronavirus be provided with legal immunity.

If something goes wrong with a vaccine, the manufacturers will be safe. If you haven’t already seen it then I urge you to watch my video entitled `Would you trust these people with your life?’ If you’re not terrified, appalled and angry when you’ve watched it then nothing will ever terrify, appal and anger you.

The bottom line is that the risks with some vaccines are considerably greater than the risk of a fridge or a tumble dryer catching fire.

Why aren’t parents and journalists demanding answers and information?

Why are so many pro-vaxxers content to remain ignorant and supine?

And there is another problem that dramatically affects the risk.

Most people only have one tumble dryer or one fridge.

But children these days are given dozens of vaccines – one after the other. Vaccine schedules vary from country to country but by the time they’re twelve, most children will have had a couple of dozen vaccinations. Each one with its own risk.

And there is another hazard.

No one, as far as I have ever been able to find out, has ever done any research to find out how all these different vaccines inter-react in the human body. What do they all do to the immune system? Your guess is as good as anyone else’s. No long-term studies are done. No long-term safety tests are done. If they have been done then they seem to have been kept secret – which seems unlikely.

Now, some of the pro-vaxxers will doubtless say that none of this matters because vaccines protect individuals from disease – and save lives.

Well, I am afraid that too seems to be rather doubtful.

The facts show that many vaccinations fail to provide protection for a good many of the people who are vaccinated.

So why on earth are vaccinations so popular? Why are so many otherwise apparently intelligent people so trusting and downright stupid when it comes to vaccines? Are they all just gullible? Rabid? Mad? Or just fanatics who like needles? I honestly don’t understand.

But drug companies make billions out of selling them, doctors make tens of thousands each out of giving them and pro-vaxxers such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have strewn money about among journalists and a huge variety of apparently independent bodies.

But putting all that to one side, the other reason for giving vaccinations is to provide herd immunity.

Now, the phrase `herd immunity’ has been used a great deal in the last few months. People who have never heard it before now put it into just about every sentence they utter.

Herd immunity simply means that a high number of people in a community have had an infection, or been vaccinated against it, and are therefore considered immune.

If a lot of people are vaccinated, and they acquire immunity to a disease, then there will be fewer cases of that disease in that community.

Not every individual will be protected against disease – because vaccines don’t always work.

And some individuals will be damaged because of vaccines.

But the economy will benefit because fewer people will become ill. Money will be saved because less money will be spent on looking after people in hospital. Fewer people will need to take time off work to look after relatives who are ill. That’s the theory and it works as long as there are not more people damaged by the vaccine than are saved.

So the main pro-vaxxer argument is money.

Vaccination costs a good deal of money and kills or injuries some people but it’s cost effective.

I am not saying that vaccines shouldn’t be given.

I am simply saying that we need more information, we need more testing and we need more truth.

The idea that 7 billion people are to be given a new vaccine – when there cannot possibly have been any long-term tests done – terrifies me.

What long-term effects might there be? Could a new vaccine cause cancer? Could it affect fertility?

I have, over the years, offered to debate the issue of vaccination with successive Chief Medical Officers in the UK – live on national television.

The offer has sadly always been met with silence.

So, since that clearly is not going to happen I would now like to talk to or interview the politician at the head of the UK’s vaccination programme – Matt Hancock.

Being a politician Mr Hancock likes being on television. I hate it and don’t want to do it. If someone else would like to make the challenge that would suit me fine.

Television companies like good ratings.

Wouldn’t this make a worthwhile programme?

I or someone else will simply ask Mr Hancock some simple questions and he could give all the points in favour of vaccination. We could debate the issue and talk about safety and effectiveness. The programme has to be live – not pre-recorded – and it has to be national so that everyone can see it.

I would, for example, like to know why Hancock is so keen to have everyone given a new vaccine when at least 80% of those dying from Covid-19 appear to be over 80-years-old and to have many other illnesses. Why, when governments don’t seem to care overmuch about the elderly to put it politely, is he so desperately keen to introduce an untried vaccine to protect a small group of people who are usually ignored? The UK Government used the Liverpool Care Pathway to kill off the elderly by starving them and depriving them of fluids. And now they want to vaccinate everyone in the country in order to protect the over 80s? I don’t understand.

I’m honestly keen to know what is going on.

And in the US, maybe Dr Fauci would allow someone to interview him live on television – and to debate vaccination with him.

In no other area of life, apart from some areas of national security, is public debate regarded as unacceptable.

Today, it seems that we are back in the days when debate was banned. We have drifted back to the sort of times when Snow, Semmelweiss and Paracelsus were met with dangerous opposition when they dared to question the unquestionable.

Mr Hancock is a fervent supporter of vaccination why wouldn’t he want to defend his position on television?

And the public could then decide for themselves.

I’m prepared to put my reputation on the line.

Is Mr Hancock prepared to put his reputation on the line and to defend a vaccine which, it is proposed, will be given to everyone?

If not – why not?

Meanwhile, might I suggest that those reading this might like to include a note on all articles about vaccination in the national press.

Simply ask: if vaccines are so safe, why have governments paid out millions to patients injured by them.

If a tumble dryer manufacturer had paid out over $4 billion in damages wouldn’t people want to know why and what for?

Two final small points:

First, I use thousands of books and scientific articles to prepare my short YouTube videos. They take every minute of the day. If I were to list all the references for each video there would be only one video a week at most. But the sources aren’t difficult to find especially now that the internet exists. Just find reputable sources and don’t use the BBC.

Second, I am afraid that there is no longer any available email address for me. So please don’t try sending emails. Up to 3,000 people a day were trying to contact me with abuse, questions and comments - and I cannot make videos and reply to emails. If Mr Hancock accepts my challenge then he can simply say so at one of his many press conferences.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2020

Vernon Coleman’s book on vaccination is called, Anyone who tells you vaccination is safe and effective is lying – here’s the proof.

His novel The Truth Kills is about a GP practice. One of the GPs, a young woman, courageously questions vaccination.

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