Doctors Have Been Bought

Doctors Have Been Bought Could it possible be that doctors don't search for the truth about vaccines and vaccination programmes because the medical profession has been bought?

The fact is that drug companies aren't the only one to profit from vaccines. Doctors make large amounts of money from vaccines too. General practitioners (GPs) receive chunky fees for giving vaccines and receive massive bonuses if they can persuade/blackmail/pressurise enough of their patients to have vaccinations. This really is appalling and I fear that GPs lost their final scrap of integrity on the day when they agreed to accept bribe money if they managed to vaccinate enough of the patients they were already being paid to look after. I'm old-fashioned enough to believe that this sort of cold-hearted, conveyor belt, bonus-ridden philosophy is better suited to the manufacture of motor car parts than the practise of medicine. The current system, whereby GPs are paid according to the number of people they vaccinate, is appalling and is nothing more than bribery and corruption. The drug companies (via the State) are doing the bribing and corrupting. And doctors are the ones who have been bribed and corrupted. The whole idea of giving doctors a bonus according to the number of patients they vaccinate is a bizarre one. Doctors don't get paid more if they prescribe tons of antibiotics or if they refer an officially acceptable percentage of their female patients for hysterectomies. Only doctors who are very stupid, and ill-informed, do not understand that vaccines are potentially dangerous, inadequately tested and often ineffective. Sadly, it seems that there are far more stupid and ill-informed GPs around than there really ought to be and giving doctors a financial incentive to perform a particular medical procedure has doubtless tilted the balance and persuaded doctors to ignore the hazards. It is a grossly unethical practice and I am appalled both that doctors don't seem to care much about this and that the General Medical Council sees nothing wrong with it.

The tragedy is that I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the financial incentive encourages doctors to vaccinate without considering all the possible dangers and complications. The fact that doctors are bribed to vaccinate might suggest to some that the authorities need to bribe doctors in order to persuade them to get busy vaccinating. It seems reasonable to assume that if doctors really believed in vaccination they would do it anyway - without the bribes.

It is not unknown for doctors to throw patients off their list because they won't accept vaccinations - because this affects the GP's earnings. One journalist who interviewed me told me, indignantly, that his own GP had threatened to have his family removed from the GP's list of NHS patients if he would not allow his children to be vaccinated.

And all this goes on in considerable secrecy. How many doctors tell their patients that the Government pays GPs an extra £50,000 a year each, on top of the more than adequate wage of £100,000 to £120,000, which they receive for a basic 40 hour week with no night calls, no weekend duty and no bank holidays, to push their patients into accepting vaccinations? Not many, I suspect, though I believe that those who don't should be serving time for fraud.

Vaccinations are a constant bonanza time for doctors. The basic deal sounds good enough. GPs receive fees from the NHS for giving vaccines and bonus fees for persuading enough of their patients to be vaccinated. But that's not the half of it. The bonanza is even better than that. GPs tell their administrative staff (salaries largely paid for by taxpayers) to order the vaccines and instruct their nurses (whose salaries are also largely or wholly paid for by the taxpayers) to give the vaccinations. All the GP has to do is take time out at the end of a game of golf to ring her accountant to see how much money she has made during a morning of heavy absentee jabbing. A nurse does the jabbing. A clerk fills in the claim form. The doctor just spends the money. Has money ever been earned so easily? Every vaccination GPs give (or authorise) is another nice noise in the cash register. And epidemics produce a bonus bonus. In the autumn of 2009 GPs were demanding a fee of £7.51 to give a swine flu vaccination. Since each patient needed two jabs that meant that each GP stood to earn around £27,000 from giving vaccinations against swine flu. (And, remember, most would tell their practice nurse to give the vaccination and instruct a practice clerk to fill in the claim forms, so they wouldn't have to do anything themselves. So that's a very pleasant £27,000 for doing absolutely bugger all.) With 33,000 GPs in the country, giving the swine flu jabs would have added just under £900 million to the NHS bill.

No wonder there are so many BMW and Mercedes motor cars on the road these days.

The sad truth is that the enormous and rich vaccine industry has bought the medical profession, lock stock and syringe barrel. GPs, once members of a proud and distinguished profession, a profession which gave the world a seemingly endless series of medical giants, have been reduced to snivelling, whining needle-men for the drug industry; hand-maidens to an industry which cares nothing for people but everything for profits. In my first book, The Medicine Men I wrote that a profession which exists to do the bidding of an industry is no longer a profession. Boy, was I right about that. Doctors have lost their way. The drug industry has done it cleverly, of course. GPs receive massive bonus payments for vaccinating patients not from the drug industry directly but from the Government.

The bribery system works smoothly and well. A GP who jabs enough patients gets a thumping great wodge of cash. A GP who is questioning and discerning will be punished by being paid less. And so the vast majority of GPs, no longer professionals but now just bought slaves, do as they are damned well told. What a disgrace it is that most know nothing about the dangers of the damned vaccines they so happily jab into patientsí arms. And, remember, most don't even do the dirty work themselves. It's far more profitable to tell a Government subsidised hand maiden to do the work.

The Government will even provide propaganda witches (called health visitors) to chase the patients and the parents who don't turn up to be jabbed. And from time to time, whenever doctors seem to be having difficulty bullying enough patients to accept vaccinations, the Government will do a little deliberate but essential scaring. In attempts to persuade parents to have their children vaccinated against measles, governments and doctors around the world have thought up an apparently unending - and hysterical - series of scare campaigns. Now that there is a vaccine against it, measles has, by a strange coincidence, stopped being an annoying childhood disease and has, instead, become a deadly killer. Many infectious diseases come in cycles. When a disease is at a high point in its cycle the authorities (egged on by doctors and drug companies) frighten citizens into agreeing to be vaccinated. And when a disease is at a low point in its natural cycle it is vaccination programmes which get the credit.

Scares invariably often consist of claiming that a major epidemic is just around the corner and that only vaccination can offer protection. I have lost count of the number of whooping cough epidemics which Governments have wrongly forecast. Were those official advisors merely incompetent or were they are deliberately lying to help boost vaccine uptake and increase drug company profits?

It is difficult to avoid the suspicion that the authorities regularly, and ruthlessly, issue scare warnings in order to frighten people into having the relevant jab.

Now that there are vaccines against all sorts of non-deadly diseases, and children are being vaccinated against diseases such as mumps and measles which were traditionally regarded as inconvenient rather than deadly, these traditional diseases have to be upgraded from `minor childhood disease' to `serious killer'. The plain fact is that in the UK the death rate from measles, for example, had dropped dramatically decades before the vaccine was introduced. It is interesting to note that today, despite (or, dare I say it, perhaps even because of) the widespread use of the vaccine, the incidence of measles is rising again.

Question the whole damned sordid business of vaccination and these ill-educated propagandists (who know nothing about the risks of the toxic mixtures they are promoting) will accuse you of being a flat-earther or a Luddite.

Sadly, tragically, most doctors working for the NHS long ago lost any sense of right or wrong. They long ago lost the passions and beliefs and yearnings that (hopefully) took them into medicine. Today, the lives of the vast majority of practising doctors are driven by a potent and destructive (and distinctly patient-unfriendly) mixture of ambition and greed and denial. There are very few doctors in practice today who want to save the world, or even change it very much. Their aims are selfish and personal. A bigger house, a faster car, shorting working hours and longer holidays.

The bottom line is that GPs have no bloody right to comment on vaccinations. Ever. They are interested parties. A GP's remarks about vaccination are as valuable as those of a drug company spokesman. And yet it has become increasingly common for doctors to complain (publicly) that not enough people are being vaccinated. The vocal doctors involved never mention that doctors get paid for giving vaccines and therefore have a financial interest in promoting vaccination.

It is important to remember that the people who support vaccination are either paid by the drug industry or they obtain their information from people who are paid by the drug industry or, in some other way, they have a vested interest in promoting vaccination. Sadly, GPs have put themselves among the group who have a financial interest in promoting vaccination. GPs are nothing more than paid-for marketing experts; hired to flog profitable vaccines. General Practice is no longer a profession; it is a business. GPs who put pressure on patients to have vaccinations, or refuse to treat those who object to vaccination, are, of course, taking purely commercial decisions. If the percentage of patients on their lists that haven't been vaccinated gets too high then the GPs lose out on one of their cash bonuses.

On the other hand, of course, all the people who oppose vaccination do so because they care for children and are worried about the dangers associated with vaccines.

In the same way that the Government has bribed GPs to vaccinate so the Government has, in turn, been bribed, bullied and conned by the drug companies. It has been a brilliant commercial coup. I don't blame the drug companies for cheating and manipulating the market, of course. It's what they do. And I don't blame the politicians; they're selfish, uncaring, venal and stupid. But I do blame the GPs. They've sold their honour and integrity and professional birthright and allowed themselves to be bribed into prescribing a specific group of products for personal financial advantage.

There are a thousand things to be angry about.

Doctors often claim that parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated are `bad parents'. Surely it is the parents who allow their children to be injected with a toxic substance, without knowing the truth about what is happening and what is likely to happen are bad parents?

Doctors often tell parents that if they don't allow their children to be vaccinated they are allowing their own views to endanger their child's health. Doctors blackmail and pressure patients into accepting vaccination. In some areas children have been taken away from parents who refused vaccination.

How many of those bullying doctors are honest enough to say: `If you don't have your damned kid vaccinated I won't be able to buy my wife a new Mercedes this year?'

It would be nice if doctors provided patients with information instead of simply bullying them. The medical profession's attitude towards vaccination is craven and shameful. I think the worst thing about the medical profession's attitude is that it is motivated by nothing more complicated than simple greed. The doctors who try to make parents feel guilty for caring enough about their children to want more information about vaccination never admit that they themselves have been bribed and bought to promote vaccination. The bottom line is that medical profession, paid by the jab, heavily incentivised to jab, jab and jab again, is giving vaccines which can kill and cause serious, permanent illness, in order to try to protect against diseases which are relatively trivial and which are extremely unlikely to kill or cause permanent damage. From the evidence I've been able to find I am convinced that the vaccines are doing far more harm than the diseases against which they are supposed to protect. This is patent lunacy. It is also a medical evil of unprecedented horror.

Everyone who has seriously considered the evidence realises that vaccination is far too dangerous and ineffective to be supported. But, sadly, most doctors and nurses no longer think for themselves and are quite incapable of studying original evidence. Today's vaccine promotion is as dishonest as cigarette advertising was in the 1950s and 1960s. The difference is that the cigarette advertisements were stopped by pressure from doctors whereas the vaccine promotion is endorsed by doctors. It is clear that the cigarette industry simply wasn't clever enough to buy the medical profession. And they could have done it so easily. If they had found a medical reason for encouraging smoking, and then paid doctors healthy fees to hand out cigarettes and to endorse smoking as a health aid, the Government warnings would have never been introduced and the tobacco industry would today be as rich and as prosperous as the global pharmaceutical industry.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to remember that GPs who put pressure on patients to have vaccinations, or who refuse to treat those who object to vaccination, are, of course, taking purely commercial decisions. If the percentage of unvaccinated patients on their lists rises too high then GPs lose out on one of their cash bonuses. GPs, once proud and independent physicians, are now nothing more than paid-for marketing hacks; hired to flog profitable vaccines. (On the other hand, of course, all the people who oppose vaccination do so because they care for children and are worried about the dangers associated with vaccines.)

I should point out that it isn't just GPs who have been bought. It is important to remember that the vast majority of people who support vaccination are either paid by the drug industry or they obtain their information from people who are paid by the drug industry or, in some other way, they have a vested interest in promoting vaccination. Nurses, health visitors, journalists and politicians obviously fit into these categories. On the other hand, there are a good many people around who have spent their own time and money on trying to tell the truth about vaccines.

What a terrible thing it is that vaccination is promoted by people who make money out of it and opposed by people who gain nothing and often lose much through their honest opposition. How terrible it is that the happy jabbers in our surgeries and consulting rooms are so blind to the danger of what they are doing. As the writer Upton Sinclair once wrote: `It is difficult to get a man to understand something if his salary depends on his not understanding it.' And before him came Adam Smith who wrote: `People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.'

How sad it is that doctors have sold themselves, and now conspire against the people they have sworn to protect.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2011
Taken from Vernon Coleman's book Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe And Effective Is Lying. Here's The Proof. For details of how to purchase a copy of the book see the shop on this website.