Vernon Colemanís Diaries

Vernon Coleman

All Vernon Colemanís seven diaries are now available as paperbacks from Amazon.

The seven diaries are:

1. Diary of a Disgruntled Man
2. Just Another Bloody Year
3. Bugger Off and Leave Me Alone
4. The Return of the Disgruntled Man
5. Life on the Edge
6. The Gameís Afoot
7. Tickety Tonk

The diaries are quite lengthy and make completely unsuitable reading for the politically correct and the over-sensitive. The diaries are full of rants, details of bizarre happenings, anecdotes and tidbits of curious information. Each diary costs £20 in the UK, and equivalent amounts in other currencies for those readers outside the UK. The diaries are also still available as eBooks at £4.99 and similar amounts in other currencies.

(Until recently the cheapest new hard copy of Diary of Disgruntled Man available on Amazon was being offered for sale at £399.00.)

The diaries are large enough to use as weight lifting equipment or to hold open doors. Readers should be advised that if dropped they are heavy enough to be a hazard to toes, pets and small children.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019