Vernon Coleman Challenges Entire BBC Verify Team

Dr Vernon Coleman

The BBC has, probably to the astonishment of everyone, set up a something called Verify which will, so we are told, check facts and share their findings with the world.

It is, I suppose, yet another of these self-styled fact checking groups of which there are so many. My own astonishment at this new development is occasioned by the fact that the BBC has, during the last three years, proved itself to be a constant, world-class source of misinformation, disinformation and propaganda.

The idea of the BBC setting itself up as an arbiter of truth is as shocking as the idea of Dr Mengele setting himself as an expert on medical ethics. I believe that the BBC is now thoroughly discredited, and a promoter of global conspiracies. And I believe that it is because it is discredited that it is dying. The BBC has as much of a future as the ice-cream you ate last summer.

So here is my challenge to the Verify Team.

I will meet all of you in a live television or radio studio for a debate.

And we will then debate the covid-19 fraud.

I will prove that covid-19 was never a major threat to mankind and that the so-called pandemic was a fake.

I will prove that covid-19 did not cause an avalanche of deaths.

I will prove that covid-19 killed no more people than the ordinary flu.

I will prove that the covid-19`vaccine’ did not provide the protection it was said to provide.

I will prove that covid-19 `vaccine’ was never as safe as politicians, journalists and doctors claimed it to be and that it is a toxic pharmaceutical product which was wrongly promoted.

I will prove that masks were never necessary or safe and that they did more harm than good.

We can, of course, also discuss social distancing and lockdowns.

Does the BBC Verify team have the courage to accept my challenge?

I don’t think anyone at the BBC would know a fact if they stood on one. And I am prepared to take on the entire Verify team of `fact checkers’ in a live studio debate. (I’d be delighted if they brought Devi Sridhar with them). The debate has to be live because I don’t trust the BBC not to mess with a recording.

At the end of the debate, either I will be totally discredited or the BBC will be shown to have repeatedly misled the public about covid-19.

So there’s my challenge.

And, if the BBC doesn’t accept the challenge, everyone will know that Verify is packed with overpaid pseudo-journalists who do not have the guts to defend their own organisation.

NOTE: Please share this challenge widely on all social media platforms. I am banned from all social media, all mainstream media and misinformation channels such as YouTube.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2023