Is it Time to Abandon Britain?

Vernon Coleman

If May and Corbyn manage to cobble together a deal to leave the EU you can bet your boots that it will be good for them, good for the EU and terrible for the people of Britain.

In recent days, a number of May’s supporters have claimed that it is unfair to criticise the Prime Minister because she is female, a diabetic and a churchgoer.

I thought feminists wanted equality? Do they now expect a female Prime Minister to be treated more gently than a male Prime Minister? Does an illness excuse rank dishonesty and incompetence? Is going to church an alternative to decency and loyalty and respect?

Naturally, May and Corbyn are busy trying to stitch each other up. Their sole aim at the moment is to be able to blame the other if a rotten deal goes through. May is a committed Remainer. Corbyn isn’t quite sure what the EU is and he isn’t entirely certain whether he is for it or against it. What a pair of bloody disloyal incompetents.

This miserable pair of tossers will be so busy sticking daggers in each other’s backs that they won’t notice that the EU and 27 Prime Ministers will be stitching up the country. Macron in particular is a menace. He wants to be the first president of Europe (something that not even Napoleon managed), and he is peeved that the British electorate may have denied him the chance to be Lord High Executioner over us as well. He will do everything he can to make our lives miserable (and to show other nations how dangerous it can be to defy the EU).

Anything May delivers will be appalling.

If there is a further delay then there is bound to be a second referendum. And the result will be ‘fixed’.

Neither May nor Corbyn are keen on a general election. They know they will be destroyed at the ballot box. They are both terrified of our being forced to take part in European elections. My guess is that whatever happens we will be denied the chance to vote in any European elections.

Any delay to Brexit will destroy Britain and British industry. We will be a global laughing stock.

And if we end up with a customs union then Britain will be destroyed for decades ahead. (If it goes ahead I will explain why and how the EU has destroyed Britain’s future.) If we sign up to a customs union together with May’s deal then anyone under 40 would be well advised to emigrate now.

The interesting thing now will be to see if the EU turns out to have been lying when they said that if we didn’t have a good ‘plan’ by the end of the week then we would have to leave the EU on Friday next.

Will the EU stick to its threat and force us to leave?

Maybe a country will tell us to bugger off and leave the EU on Friday. If so I will buy their national flag and fly it for the rest of the year.

P.S. This website could well disappear soon. We have had numerous problems recently. The site has been hacked many times and attempts have been made to close it down. The British Government’s new laws about websites (ostensibly to protect the vulnerable) will doubtless be used to close down websites which are considered ‘unsuitable’. And, of course, as I revealed some time ago, if May’s awful deal is agreed with the EU then it will become illegal to say or write anything critical about the EU. We will have lost the last vestige of our freedom of speech. Still, since we’ve already lost our democracy that won’t be much of a surprise.

P.P.S. I have republished my book England Our England. First published in 2002, this book was the trigger for the upsurge in opposition to the EU. In the book I explain the threat of the EU and the euro and detail some of the reasons why England can stand alone. England Our England is available as a paperback on Amazon.