Vernon Coleman

We are enormously grateful for all the support we have received from readers over the years. We very much feel a close bond with readers, and know that many have been reading Vernonís books and following the material on this website for a number of years. Regrettably, we cannot offer direct contact details. There are several reasons for this. First, we simply couldnít cope with the enormous amount of mail coming through. In the distant past (when most mail came in envelopes and had stamps affixed to the top right hand corner) Vernon always tried to answer letters as soon as possible but eventually there just wasnít enough time in the day Ė and no time left to research or to write anything. Second, we both found the occasional, pointless, abusive mail that inevitably comes from hate-filled trolls to be deeply depressing. And we canít think of a way to filter out the nasty stuff. Itís sad that some people feel the need to threaten, to abuse or to try to suppress when they come across a point of view with which they disagree. But thatís the way it is these days. Even though we know that the nasty stuff would only make up a small proportion of the total it is stressful to worry that the next email might contain a threat or a nasty virus. Websites are always vulnerable and has been taken down more times than we can remember. We find this frustrating and disappointing and we hope you will forgive us and remember that we think of our readers as our very real extended family.