Vernon’s Factchecker: For those who care about the truth

Dr Vernon Coleman

You’ve been waiting for the world’s first independent, scientifically based factchecker.

Here it is.

There are thousands of factcheckers already in existence on the internet. But many of them have links with organisations which have a financial interest in the sale of products such as drugs and vaccines.

The BBC claims to provide a fact checking service but has financial links with vaccine promoter Bill Gates and therefore cannot be taken seriously as a source of information – let alone as a factchecker.

Fact check 1: Analysis by Sarah Knapton, Science Editor, Daily Telegraph 6th August 2021
Ms Knapton reports that an American called Nate Silver (described as `eminent’) estimates Britain’s case fatality rate for covid is now around 0.2 to 0.3%. He is quoted as saying `That’s what happens when you vaccinate a very large percentage of your elderly population as the UK has.’

No peer reviewed scientific evidence is offered for the claim that the case fatality rate he offers is accurate, and his suggestion that vaccination has had an effect on the fatality rate is entirely unproven. There are many other possible natural factors (including the weather) and government related factors (such as the widely acknowledged lies about the number of people dying with rather than of covid-19 and the culling of the vulnerable in 2020 using midazolam and denying them medical treatment).

Fact check 2: BBC: Report on BBC website by Newsbeat on 26th July 2021
The headline of this item is `Covid vaccines have prevented 60,000 deaths in England – Jonathan Van-Tam’

The BBC also claims that Van-Tam had estimated that 22 million infections had been stopped by the covid-19 vaccines.

The item appeared on a Radio 1 newsbeat programme aimed at young listeners and appears, therefore, to be part of the UK Government’s campaign to `sell’ the experimental covid-19 vaccines to sceptical young people. There is, as usual with the BBC no attempt to provide a balanced report (though that is what its charter requires).

Neither of these claims made by the UK Government can be substantiated and yet the headline is presented as fact. (Later variations on this story claimed first that 80,000 and then 100,000 lives had been saved.)

It is difficult to think of a media organisation which has spread more lies, deceits and distortions about covid-19 than the BBC. It was, of course, the BBC which broadcast nonsense claiming that the covid-19 vaccine is 100% safe and that no children who had been injected had died.

Fact check 3: Article by Fraser Nelson, Daily Telegraph 6th August 2021
`The covid 19 vaccine has been one of the greatest scientific success stories of modern times, its safety proved in the in the successful use worldwide.’

This is such patent nonsense that it is difficult to know where to start. The British and American Governments both publish lists of the number of people killed or seriously injured by the various covid-19 `vaccinations’. Deaths are now measured in thousands and the number suffering from notable adverse events is over a million.

Fact Check 4:
`Practically no one contested the goal.’ (Discussing the jabbing campaign.)

This is patent nonsense since hundreds of thousands have argued against the plan to give an experimental jab to billions. And what was the `goal’?

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