We are living in an occupied country with a Vichy Style Government

Vernon Coleman

We are living in an occupied country.

We have been occupied by Remainers.

With no democratic authority these disloyal and stupid people are deciding what will happen to the country.

Theresa May, so-called leader of the 'Party of Betrayal’, has given up pretending to be interested in taking us out of the European Union.

There is now hysterical talk of the French demanding fishing rights in all British waters (including village ponds) and the Spanish demanding that we give them Malta, the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man.

(If you were in any doubt that she has gone completely mad, May is reported as saying that she will not quit her job until she can do so with dignity.)

Philip Hammond, the enthusiastic Remainer, has, in my view proved himself to be a thoroughly bad man and a 24 carat neo Nazi supporter of the EU. I cannot think of anyone who has done more to oppose the will of the British people. If there was any justice then Hammond would be serving 75 years to life in the Tower of London for treason and another 75 years for fraud and 75 years for offences against democracy. If he survived that lot we could just shoot the bastard.

Corbyn, leader of the anti-Semitic 'Party of Uncertainty’ and long-term supporter of the IRA is busy making sure that he does not offer a valid alternative to the present Government so that no one can possibly accuse him of doing anything at all except looking and behaving like a tramp who has blundered into the wrong bus shelter.

And Cable’s pathetic runt of a party (the 'Party of Irrelevance’) is too busy sucking up to the EU to care one hoot about Britain, let alone two.

I actually think all British politicians and civil servants have gone barking mad. (The staff at the BBC are stupid but also corrupt since their organisation is up to its neck in EU bribe money.) It is quite impossible to be a Remainer if you have any moral values and it is impossible to be a Remainer unless you are a cretin.

All those who support Remain are racist and disloyal people. Their ignorance and their witless, selfish behaviour has never been equalled in public life; they have embarrassed and humiliated their country. They all deserve to be hung or shot as traitors.

The Remainers (most of whom are liberal lefties who long ago lost their moral compass) prefer to see their country ruled by unelected bureaucrats. And so in order to protect that lunacy they prefer to ignore democracy and take over the country themselves.

(I suspect, incidentally, that Bercow’s attempted coup might prove to be a mistake. By outlawing May’s terrible deal he has increased the chances of our leaving the EU on March 29 – as the majority want us to do. Whatever happens now we will leave the EU. The miniature but vile Bercow has drawn attention to the shameful behaviour of the Remainers.)

But here’s the thing.

The politicians keep worrying about upsetting the EU and they seem concerned that if we do something the EU doesn’t like then they might punish us.

But what the fuck can the EU do to us?

The bottom line is that there is absolutely nothing to stop us just walking away from the EU – with or without a deal. There is nothing the EU can do if we tell them to piss off.

The EU can hardly arrest Britain can it?

If they try to sue us we can simply tell them to get stuffed.

We are a nation of survivors. We are imaginative and inventive.

It’s about time our wretched politicians grew some balls and simply told the EU to bugger off.

If we had a Government that gave a damn about the country that’s exactly what they would do.

But, as I said earlier, we are living in an occupied country – with a Vichy style government.

We need to get rid of the Government, Parliament, the civil service and the BBC.

It’s time for a little civilised anarchy.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

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