Let Vigilance Be Your Sword

by Vernon Coleman

The hysteria over Britain leaving the European Union continues apace. Most politicians and commentators now seem to spend their time apologising for a referendum result which they invariably suggest was an anomaly and in some way not truly representative of the British people’s wishes.

Worst of all, it has repeatedly been suggested that those who voted for Brexit because they feel that our islands are overcrowded and our culture under threat must be racists.

This is a blatant lie but those who campaigned for a Remain vote clearly believe that if they repeat it often enough they will be able to frighten Brexiteers into abandoning their stance if they can force through a second referendum.

The fact is that the millions who voted for Brexit are patriots not racists. The minority who voted to remain within the EU are either ignorant or they are traitors.

If I hear the words ‘tolerance’ and ‘intolerance’ used once more I think I will scream. Is it ‘intolerance’ for us to want to protect our history and our culture? Is it ‘intolerance’ to realise that our infrastructure is crumbling under the weight of massive immigration? Is it ‘intolerance’ to object to our mores being altered to accommodate the intolerant wishes of those who believe in Female Genital Mutilation? Is it ‘intolerance’ to object to a legal system which demands that homosexuals be executed? Is it ‘intolerance’ to demand fair and equal treatment for women? Is it ‘intolerance’ to object to our children being forced to eat halal meat? Is it ‘intolerance’ to expect those who choose to live in our country, and to take advantage of our generosity, to make a real effort to fit in with our way of life? Is it ‘intolerance’ to expect newcomers who wish to make their homes here to learn our language?

The vast majority of Britons who travel abroad try to fit in with the expected behaviour in the countries they visit. So, for example, Britons choosing to live in Muslim countries know that they should not expect to drink alcohol. Women know that they should dress modestly, to fit in with the local population, lest they cause offence to the locals.

Is it ‘intolerance’ to require people who choose to live in our country to live according to our standards rather than to expect us to adapt to their standards?

The worst examples of racism and intolerance come, I fear, from Scotland.

Scottish politicians are, I’m afraid, behaving like tantrum prone children who have been told that they cannot have another ice cream.

I do wish someone would tell them that they have absolutely no chance of ever becoming a truly independent nation and that their current toy parliament (which is in reality an EU regional parliament) has no relevance whatsoever south of the border or, indeed, anywhere else in the world.

Today’s speech by a Scottish MEP in Brussels (in which the wretched man begged the EU to be as loyal to Scotland as Scotland was to the EU) was, I thought, the most pathetic piece of self-pitying and offensive nonsense I’ve heard this week from a politician. The man is paid to represent the United Kingdom and should be supporting the majority who voted to leave the EU, and defending the nation’s decision, not apologising for a legally given mandate and pandering to a few sorry ill-informed souls in a British region who were blinded by the nonsense spouted by the SNP. Still, the good news is that the fellow will soon be joining the unemployment queue with ‘ex MEP’ on his CV. And a fat lot of good that will do him.

Having said all that I wish Scotland well with their independence campaign. Like most English folk I will be very happy to see them acquire the independence some crave so dearly. But it must be true independence. They cannot expect to continue receiving subsidies from English taxpayers. They must find their own currency and arrange for their own defence. There must be a proper border, and Scots living in England must expect to be treated as aliens.

Osborne, possibly the smuggest man in politics, is now threatening what will be, in effect, a ‘vengeance’ or ‘punishment’ budget, claiming that it is necessary because some disobedient souls voted the wrong way. This is, of course, nothing but raw testicles.

The pound has been rising steadily for a couple of days, despite the shenanigans in the two main parties. And the stock market is soaring now that brokers and investors realise that the world hasn’t stopped going round.

Osborne’s problem is, of course, that his management of the nation’s finances has been pretty well as disastrous as his predecessor’s. Despite all the claims and boasts, the nation’s debt has been rising steadily since Osborne took over as Chancellor. The economy is in a mess. Spending has to be cut and taxes have to rise but none of this has anything whatsoever to do with the Brexit vote although that is Osborne’s constant suggestion.

There is no doubt that the many millions who voted to leave the EU are being demonised and it is generally being suggested by the media and the political establishment that the result was either an accident or a consequence of some dirty work.

And where are our champions?

The MPs who campaigned for Brexit seem to have been locked in a cupboard somewhere and if they are defending Brexit, or explaining why it was so essential, their words are not being reported very widely.

Whatever happened to Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, for example?

(Incidentally, I don’t trust Boris an inch. He came late to the game and will, I suspect, manage things with Boris in mind. I’d pay good money to see Nigel Farage as Prime Minister but, sadly, that isn’t going to happen.)

Today, I heard a 23-year-old unemployed man complaining bitterly that the Brexit vote was going to destroy his life. ‘I am Britain’s future,’ he said. ‘My generation has been betrayed by this vote.’

The 23-year-old has never had a job and never tried to get a job. He has no qualifications and no skills other than the ability to roll his own funny cigarettes. He has not, of course, ever paid a penny in income tax. He knows nothing whatsoever about the European Union. He knows nothing about why or how the EU was founded. He knows nothing about the way in which the EU is destroying our culture, suppressing our history and taking away our sovereignty. And he does not care enough to find the answers to the questions he never asks. He does not realise that his mother has to wait a year for an essential operation because of the EU. He does not realise that his children’s education will be woeful because of EU policies. He does not realise that our roads are overcrowded because of the EU. He does not realise that our economy has crumbled because of the EU. He does not realise that his rubbish has to be sorted into several plastic boxes because of absurd and pointless EU rules. He does not realise that wages have fallen because of the EU. He does not realise that the EU benefits only the eurocrats and the politicians who ride forever on the EU gravy train.

But, despite his ignorance and his laziness, he thinks that he is Britain’s future.

And so, it seems, do a couple of million other young Britons who are now consumed with the fear they say they never have.

They wanted to disrupt society. Well, we did it for them.

It is still less than a week since the nation voted to leave the EU but it is difficult not to feel a twinge of paranoia coming on, for the general plan seems to be to dismiss the referendum as an aberration which must be corrected as soon as possible with an appropriately manipulated second referendum.

Indeed, several million losers now want to change the rules retrospectively so that the referendum which we won can be declared null and void because the turnout was less than 75%.

If we go down that route then all future elections can be declared null and void with the losing side simply changing the rules retrospectively if they don’t like the result.

We have to watch carefully, and stand together, to make sure that we don’t find ourselves being robbed of our victory.

It isn’t going to happen because we’re not going to let it happen.

But we have to remain vigilant and stick together to force the new government to do the right thing.

Let vigilance be our sword.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 29th 2016

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