Vital Questions To Ask Your Doctor If You Need Surgery

by Dr Vernon Coleman and Donna Antoinette Coleman

1. What are the alternatives? (Including treatments which do not involve surgery.)

2. What is likely to happen to me if I do not have the operation?

3. What is the overall success rate for this operation?

4. Are there any other operations which might be safer and/or more effective?

5. If you are a pre-menopausal woman ask if the operation is more likely to be a success if you have it done at a particular time in your menstrual cycle.

6. What are the possible/likely side effects of the operation.

7. How is the operation going to improve my life?

8. Is the operation really suitable for me?

9. How experienced is the surgeon who is planning to perform the operation? Who is going to perform the operation - the consultant or an assistant?

10. What after care will I need? How long will I need nursing? When can I go home? How long will I need to stay off work?

Copyright Vernon Coleman and Donna Antoinette Coleman 2005

Taken from Health Secrets Doctors Share With Their Families by Vernon Coleman & Donna Antoinette Coleman, published by the European Medical Journal at 12.99 and available from the bookshop on this website and from all good bookshops everywhere.