Vital Stuff You Might Not Know

Dr Vernon Coleman

You can check everything below online. Please do so. But donít rely on the mainstream media.

1. There are massive reserves of oil and gas under the land and water currently occupied by the Palestinians. There are apparently 1.7 billion barrels of oil waiting to be exploited and 122 trillion cubic feet of natural gas just sitting there. If the Palestinians are forced out of Gaza who on earth could possibly take advantage of all that oil and gas? Answers on a postcard please. All that oil and gas is worth a great deal of money.

2. Right at the beginning of this genocide I pointed out that if there is a murderer loose in your neighbourhood, you do not set about killing every innocent individual in the area. And yet that is what is happening.

3. Hamas was set up by Israel and the Americans. Only a small percentage of current Palestinian citizens (nearly half of whom were children at the time) voted for Hamas at the last elections Ė over a decade and a half ago.

4. Egypt warned Israel days before the attack on October 7th. Why was the warning ignored? (Itís reported that some journalists also knew.) Who was really responsible for the October 7th attack, how much did Israel know and why did the atrocities happen that day? Wouldnít you think the Israelis would want to know? I would.

5. I have lost count of the number of war crimes committed by Israel. If any other country in the world had committed so many acts of terrorism the United States would have moved in. Instead the United States has supported Israel and its war crimes.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2023