Dr Vernon Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman

Regular readers will know that I have for many months been warning of power outages and food shortages.

The horrors of Texas this month should have provided very real evidence that the warnings were not hyperbole.

I suspect that what happened in Texas was no accident.

I believe that the crisis may have been a punishment for Texas having its own, independent electricity supply – and a punishment and reminder of the alleged `real’ threat posed by global warming.

Of course, there is no genuine threat from global warming. There is no scientific evidence for this political power play by the Agenda 21 cultists.

But governments everywhere have weaponised the weather and they can use it to warn us, frighten us and control us.

The global warming threat is political rather than meterological for the threat lies not in the weather (there have always been storms and droughts) but in the fact that the entire global establishment is now committed to promoting and sustaining this evil myth. It’s all about power and money.

The Texas disaster should be a wake-up call for everyone. It shows just how corrupt our governments really are – and how much they hate us and want us dead.

Here are a few tips.

1. Keep some tinned foods in a cupboard – ready for an emergency.
2. If you have a barbecue, do not bring it into the home to cook food - the carbon monoxide could kill you. People have died doing this. Barbecues should never be brought indoors, and even a smouldering barbecue can be dangerous. 3. Have flashlights and batteries handy.
4. If you have a fireplace, make sure you have a supply of wood or coal.
5. Make sure that your car or van has a good battery. In an emergency your vehicle could save your life. But it won’t be much use if it won’t start.
6. Keep the tank of your vehicle full of diesel or petrol. In an emergency you can turn on the heating and keep warm inside – if your home is cold.
7. Make sure you have a kettle which is designed to run off the cigar lighter in your vehicle. In an emergency you can use this to make hot drinks.
8. Buy large flasks (one for each member of the family). You can use these to store hot drinks or hot soup.

These are simple solutions – but they could save your life. And where’s the downside in being prepared?

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 25th 2021

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