Coronavirus: Have the Lockdown Laws Caused Vitamin D Deficiency and Increased the Number of Coronavirus Deaths?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Right from the start of the lockdown I have argued that forcing people to stay indoors would lead to millions of people suffering from vitamin D deficiency – and all the associated health problems.

It was pretty obvious – though apparently not to governments and their highly paid medical and scientific advisors.

Vitamin D is an essential substance which most of us get when sunshine hits our skins. Inevitably, most people are deficient in vitamin D towards the end of the winter season. In the Northern hemisphere that means the months of February, March and April.

So people living in the Northern Hemisphere were being forced to stay indoors just when their vitamin D levels were at their lowest.

Vitamin D shortage can lead to many problems. It is necessary for the human body to absorb calcium and phosphorus – required for making strong bones and teeth. Individuals who are short of vitamin D are likely to develop osteomalacia – a serious condition in which the bones become brittle and more likely to break. In children a shortage of vitamin D leads to rickets. How many children will now grow up with rickets?

Oh, and vitamin D shortage can increase the risk of cancer developing.

Moreover, it has also been known for some time that people with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to develop upper respiratory tract infections.

And, more specifically, there is now some evidence appearing which suggests that individuals with vitamin D deficiency may be more likely to suffer badly if they catch the coronavirus. How many people died of the coronavirus because they were vitamin D deficient? I doubt if we will ever know.

And how many people will suffer from osteomalacia or rickets because of the lockdowns? I doubt if we will know that either.

Incidentally, as I was the first to point out many weeks ago, dark skinned individuals are more likely to die from the coronavirus than light skinned individuals – and this could well be because people with dark skins are often deficient in vitamin D.

I have two conclusions.

First, the idiotic lockdown laws will undoubtedly lead to widespread vitamin D deficiency and much illness. Many of us get most of our vitamin D from sunshine.

Second, many individuals will need to increase their intake of vitamin D – either by increasing their intake of the appropriate foods or by taking supplements. It is important, however, not to take too much vitamin D since excessive quantities can damage the body by encouraging deposits of calcium in places where calcium shouldn’t be.

This is yet more evidence that the stupid, stupid and unnecessary lockdown laws (supported by the local authorities and police forces which stopped people sunbathing and exercising out of doors) have done infinitely more harm than good.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 24th 2020

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