Vote `Coleman’ for Britain’s next Prime Minister

Dr Vernon Coleman

The conspirators’ aim has always been to destroy people’s beliefs. They know that this is the best way to weaken people, to make them frightened, susceptible, vulnerable and ready to do what they are told.

All around the world, governments have been installed which were guaranteed to betray the people. Just look around: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France – anywhere you like – the collaborators are in charge.

Was the voting fiddled anywhere? Did people really vote for Biden? Macron? Trudeau? That woman in New Zealand?

Surely the important thing is that the mainstream media is now controlled by the conspirators and people are fed only what the conspirators want them to read, hear and see. The result is that I no longer believe that elections are fair.

Now that Boris Johnson, drowned in a cess pit of his own making and best described as a lying, self-centred little shit, is in the process of leaving Downing Street, presumably when he’s got a better paying gig fixed up – and in more disgrace, if that is possible, than Nixon was when he quit the White House – the British are due to get a new Prime Minister. Oh goody.

Unfortunately, the new PM will be chosen not by the people but by a few hundred more lying, self-centred little shits – known to themselves as the Tory party’s parliamentary membership.

This is patently wrong.

What we have now, particularly since Johnson did his best to destroy dignity, respect and the rump of Parliamentary democracy, is a presidential system.

Johnson behaved as though he were President. And that, I fear, is how the next incumbent will behave –ignoring Parliament and the wishes of the people.

It is unfair, therefore, that we have no say and that we must put up with whichever scumbag is chosen by the other scumbags – scumbags, let me point out who seem to spend all their time groping one another and stealing from the public.

I’ve lost count of the number of MPs in recent years who’ve seen the inside of HM Prisons – and not just on visitors’ day.

We want our country back. We want the truth back. And we don’t want Schwab, assorted Rothschilds or the Great Reset. We don’t want Charles interfering and we never, ever want to hear another word from Tony Blair or any other war criminals who might be skulking around. Thanks to Boris and his chums, the only growth industry in Britain is flogging funerals.

Just look at the likely candidates for Prime Minister.

I wouldn’t hire any of them to cut the lawn. They’d make a mess of it. And then steal the lawnmower.

It is quite unbelievable that former Chancellor Rishi Sunak appears to be the front runner.

Sunak, an ex-Goldman Sachs banker and a former partner in two hedge funds, appears to have made decisions which, it has been suggested, cost taxpayers £11 billion. He is reported to have had a green card to go to the US, he was fined by the police for breaking the stupid lockdown laws which he helped create and then said he hadn’t broken (so he has to be regarded as a criminal). His wife’s tax affairs didn’t exactly sit comfortably with the public. And he has pretty well guaranteed a recession or even a depression by pushing up taxes to a level not seen since the 1940s and being in charge as inflation hits 10%. (Would that criminal record stop him going to the United States for meetings with the US President? We should be told.)

And he smiles too damned much.

It is the smile of a man who has just sold you a new laptop and now wants to sell you a useless insurance policy to go with it.

Digging up Arthur Daley would give us a more honourable Prime Minister than any the Tories can produce.

Enough, I say.

Britain needs a bold, honest someone at the helm and I don’t care what the rules are, I’m standing.

Here’s my manifesto.

First, all political parties will be illegal. They just cause trouble. Members of the Green Party and all Liberals will have stakes driven through hearts and will be buried twelve feet deep to make sure they don’t come back.

Second, Brexit means Brexit. We will tell the EU that we’re off and properly on our own. Boris only jumped on the Brexit bandwagon because he realised it was his best chance to get his dibs on Chequers and to acquire access to unlimited quantities of expensive soft furnishings. We get rid of all the stupid laws the EU gave us. Remember, that the EU was created by Nazis and was redesigned to take us straight into the Great Reset. Whatever they’ve got on offer, we don’t want it. All remainers will, like the Green Party, be buried at least twelve feet deep to keep them quiet.

Third, we will ban all trade unions. We don’t need them anymore. They went out of fashion after the Tolpuddle Martyrs, and unions are as relevant today as doublet and hose. I regard them all as communists. Britain doesn’t need them. They’ll lead us straight into the Great Reset.

Fourth, we’ll get rid of the royal family, send them all off to the Arctic to count icebergs and replace them with a lottery system. Punters will pay £1 a week and if they win the royal lottery they become King or Queen for a week. That way we can make money out of the royals and still have someone for the tourists to photograph. TV companies will be invited to bid for the television rights. It will be the ultimate reality programme.

Fifth, anyone wearing a mask in public will be executed. I find mask wearers deeply depressing. People who want to attend parties as the Lone Ranger can do so if they get a note from their doctor. People who wear masks with paisley patterns on them or wear masks matching their outfits will be executed twice just to make sure.

Sixth, anyone promoting or giving covid jabs will be given a triple dose of a covid jab and made to run flat out until they collapse. We can use the 100 million out-of-date jabs for this. When hundreds of thousands of doctors and journalists suddenly drop dead their deaths will, of course, be reported as `mysterious’.

Seventh, all mad cultists publicly supporting the global warming garbage will be sent to live in Sweden with their heroine. They will not be allowed to return.

Eighth, all electric cars, solar panels and windmills (except for the little plastic ones sold at the seaside) will be scrapped and dumped in old, disused coal mines. They are all a blight on the landscape. The HS2 project will be abandoned and everyone working on it fired immediately.

Ninth, all drug companies currently making vaccines will in future be restricted to making aspirin and dandruff shampoo. That’s it. Nothing else. And they will be allowed a maximum 5% mark up on their costs.

Tenth, the BBC will be closed down and the 22,000 staff transported by bus to the Ukraine, which they all love. They will be given £20 each in redundancy money and told to make it last. Once there they can interview each other interminably, though no one will ever see their interviews.

And that’s about it.

That’s my manifesto: a manifesto to make Britain great again.

Please vote COLEMAN by sharing this manifesto widely.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022

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