Who the Hell Voted ĎRemainí?

by Vernon Coleman

I honestly donít know anyone who wanted Britain to retain its membership of the European Union. And ever since the day of the vote I have been puzzled by one thought: why did anyone vote for the EU? Who were these people? If ever there was a case of turkeys voting for Christmas this was it. It is widely rumoured that even Corbyn and Cameron would have voted for Brexit if they hadnít been tied to the EU by their positions within their parties. (Inicidentally, I was disgusted when I read that Cameron had apologised to the EU for the British people voting for Brexit. Since when has any loyal British Prime Minister had the right to apologise for the actions of the British people?)

It is patently clear why so many sensible folk voted to leave the European Union. Those wanting to leave realised that the EU is a fascist organisation which has proved beyond all doubt that if something is good for big businesses then it is almost certainly bad for people.

The majority of British citizens rejected the advice of all the traditional British political parties, because they were fed up with voting for patronising people who had their snouts in the public trough and their head in the clouds. The majority saw clearly that hardly anyone in public life does anything because it is the right thing to do.

(Much the same sort of thing is happening where people would rather vote for Trump, a cartoon character who is clearly outside the political mainstream, than for Clinton Mark II, a toxic woman with all the natural charm and decency of Cherie Blair. Every time the political establishment attacks Trump, the Donald gains another few million votes. The voters in America, as in Britain, feel betrayed, dispossessed and disenfranchised and want to give the entire political and financial establishment a hefty kick up the backside.)

So, who the hell voted to stay in the EU? What cowardly stick in the muds were too frightened to take the opportunity to break out of jail when they had the chance? Who were the cowards who did not realise that all you have to do to be free is to let go?

There were, I believe, half a dozen different groups who voted Remain.

First, there were the stupid, the ignorant and the easily led who thought that the EU is a good thing in the same sort of way that Germans in the 1930s thought that Adolf Hitler was a good egg. These were the intellectually challenged halfwits who believed Osborneís threats; the misinformed and misled who believed that the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs were campaigning for Remain in the best interests of the nation. These were the sort of electors who endorse corruption and give democracy a really bad name. By definition, half of all Britons have an IQ under 100 and are too stupid and ignorant to know just how stupid and ignorant they really are.

Second, there were the bribed masses who make tons of money out of the EU; the bankers and the bureaucrats and the professional politicians and lawyers. Into this category must go the luvvies, the celebrities from stage and screen and the BBC, who pleaded with us to vote Remain and who burst into communal tears when we didnít. The EU gave £200 million of our money to the arts to buy their allegiance. And of course the BBC was bought by the EU years ago. No luvvy who wants to work for the BBC would dare oppose the European Union. Today, this group are still gnashing their teeth and wailing in an orgy of artificial despair. There is no wrath more terrible than the wrath of the self-righteous.

Third, there were the members of the Entitlement Generation Ė the arrogant, the naÔve and the stupid. Funnily enough, this group claims to be excited by change and progress. They claim to have no fear and to want to disrupt every aspect of our society. But when confronted with change and genuine disruption they became overcome with fear and can now be found waving protest banners and faking online signatures. The Brexit voters proved themselves to be the true disrupters; Britainís real revolutionaries. The Entitlement Generation do not realise that if you want to be free then you must first let go.

Fourth, there were the Nazi supporters who fell into an orgy of self-indulgent despair when it became clear that their beloved Adolf had, after all, lost World War III by an innings and 500 runs.

And thatís about it.

The Remainers.

A pretty sorry bunch, for whom the truth turned out to be an uninvited guest who spoilt everything.

And now the miserable, whining losers are still stamping their feet and demanding a second referendum. These are the sort of people who would, at the end of a football match, demand that the players continued for another 30 minutes if their team was losing.

Sad, cowardly and sorry bastards all. Why donít they emigrate to somewhere in their beloved European Union and enjoy the delights of Hitlerland?

Meanwhile, would anyone sign a petition NOT to have a second referendum? Copyright Vernon Coleman July 12th 2016