`The Wake-up Video’ – Released on Saturday 22nd January 2022

Dr Vernon Coleman

What I hope will be my last video about covid and the covid-19 jabs will appear on Brand New Tube on Saturday 22nd January 2022.

In future I’ll be concentrating on the myth of climate change and the threat posed by digital passports and social credit.

`The Wake-up Video’ is the longest and most comprehensive video yet, and contains astonishing new information about covid – proving that covid-19 is less deadly than the flu and that people who die after being jabbed with an mRNA `vaccine’ may be classified as having committed suicide. Plus there is evidence that social credit rules are already being introduced – with at least one UK citizen refused health care because she hadn’t been given one of the toxic, experimental covid-19 jabs.

Researching, writing and editing the video have taken weeks and it totally tears apart the whole fraud. It’s the video I hope you will send to anyone you know who has not yet woken up.

The video explains my views on vax batches, why you will win this war for us – but lawyers can’t, why Britons can now expect to live nine months less because of the lockdowns and why, if the UK Government introduces mandatory jabs for NHS staff, we will know that the official plan is to close what remains of the NHS.

This is the video to watch if you want to help change history.

The `Wake-up Video’ will be on my channel on BrandNewTube on Saturday 22nd January 2022 at 7pm.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022

Vernon Coleman’s bestselling book about the covid fraud and Agenda 21 is called `Endgame’. It is available as a paperback and an eBook.