Do You Want a Superbody?

Dr Vernon Coleman

Here are 10 things you should know if you want a `superbody’:

1. Why infections are commoner?
2. Why antibiotics are losing their effectiveness.
3. The danger of electromagnetic fields.
4. What foods will boost your immune system.
5. Why you shouldn’t drink ordinary tap water.
6. The truth about microwave ovens.
7. Why we are more exposed to stress and emotional trauma.
8. The truth about central heating and air conditioning.
9. How to preserve the vitamin content of the food you eat.
10. The facts about doctors, drugs and vaccines.

You’ll find all the answers in `Superbody’ by Vernon Coleman. You can buy a copy from the bookshop on or by going direct to Amazon and keying in `Superbody’ by Vernon Coleman.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2023