Advice for Anyone Not Wanting To Be Stuffed

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Note: This is a word for word transcript of the YouTube video on this subject.

This video is what I believe the IT specialists refer to as a multi-media presentation. So we are all going to have to concentrate hard Ė especially me, as I struggle to cope with the technology.

I have been around for a long time Ė I know youíll be surprised by that but itís true Ė and I have learned that there are two words which cannot be uttered in public without causing a tremendous amount of trouble. Indeed, I am confident that if I use those two words on this video it will only be a matter of hours before the video is removed. The Chinese Government banned all my books because of a column on this subject which I wrote for a Chinese newspaper.

So I am going to use alternative words.

For the purpose of this video I shall use the word STUFF (hold up paper A) when I mean VACCINE (hold up paper B) and I shall use the word STUFFING (hold up paper C) when I mean VACCINATION (hold up paper D).

This little bit of sleight of hand should keep this video on air until one of the Army censors working for the Government bothers to listen to the whole thing instead of deleting it because the title or the key words are in breach of security regulations.

The full text of this video will of course be available on my website with some suitably positioned asterisks to ensure that the censors are not troubled.

So, thatís the introduction over with.

Now for the nitty gritty, as they say.

Some years ago I wrote a book about stuff and about stuffing programmes. I filled the book with information that I had collected from medical journals. I have been studying stuff for half a century or so.

I ended the book by pointing out that my view is that stuff is unsafe and worthless and that I would not allow myself to be stuffed again.

I added that this was a purely personal view and since I was determined to be completely fair to the other point of view I stressed that mine is not a view shared by the majority of doctors, nurses, health visitors, journalists and war criminals.

I suggested that readers should make their own judgements based on all the available evidence and I strongly recommend that anyone contemplating being stuffed discuss the issue with their own medical adviser.

The bottom line is that I do not advise anyone not to be stuffed, or not to have a child stuffed because I am merely an author: it is not my job to tell people what to do.

My role, as a writer, is merely to provide information (which isn't provided by the Government or the medical profession) and to give some idea of the sort of questions which readers may like to ask when considering a stuffing programme.

So, before you allow your doctor to stuff your child (or yourself) you may like to ask her or him these essential questions which I wrote for my book.

I wrote these questions in 2011 but they are as valid now as they were then:

1. How dangerous is the disease for which the stuff is being given? (Exactly what are the chances that the disease will kill or cripple?)
2. How effective is the stuff?
3. How dangerous is the stuff? (Exactly what are the chances that it will kill or cripple?)
4. What side effects are associated with the stuff?
5. Which patients should not be given the stuff?
6. Will you guarantee that this stuff will protect me (my child)? If not - exactly what protection will it offer?
7. Will you guarantee that this stuff will not harm me (my child)? If not - exactly how risky is it?
8. Will you take full responsibility for any ill effects caused by this stuff?
9. Is the stuffing essential?

Finally, I suggested to readers of my book on stuffing that they should ask their doctor to sign a note confirming what he or she had told them.

`If your doctor or nurse wants to stuff you,í I wrote `ask him or her to confirm in writing that the stuff is both essential and safe and that you are healthy enough to receive it.í

You may, I warned, notice his or her enthusiasm for the stuff (and, indeed, your company) suddenly diminish.

`Ask your doctor or nurse to give you written confirmation that he or she has personally investigated the risk-benefit ratio of any stuff they are recommending,í I suggested, `and that, having looked at all the evidence, they believe that the stuff is safe and essential.í

How could any honest, caring, well-informed doctor or nurse object to signing such a confirmation - effectively, accepting responsibility if things go wrong?

Similarly, I suggested that parents who are worried about having their children stuffed should ask their doctor or nurse to sign a form taking legal responsibility for any adverse reaction.

I pointed out that they might find doctors and nurses slightly reluctant to do this.

It is important to remember that most of the doctors (including nearly all GPs) who write and speak in favour of stuffing are making money out of it.

On the other hand, doctors who oppose, or even question, stuffing, do not stand to gain anything but are, on the contrary, putting their careers at risk.

It is true that Iíve written a book about stuff. Writing books is what Iíve done for a living for many decades. But to be honest I wish I hadnít written this one. Although I did my best to make it a fair book Ė albeit with a conclusion Ė it has brought me considerable amount of trouble and abuse. I have often thought about taking it off the market but decided that doing that would not stop the abuse I receive.

Daring to question the value of stuffing has led to all my books being banned in many countries. For example, my books are now not available at all in China where they had once been bestsellers.

In my book I suggest that readers ask the doctor responsible for the stuffing to tell them the batch number of the stuff. And I suggested that they keep the name of the doctor, the date and time and the batch number of the stuff. And the surgery or clinic address. Lawsuits against doctors, drug companies and the Government usually fail because people don't have this information.

I am very well aware that there are two sets of opinions about stuff. I am also aware that as someone medically qualified who does not believe that the stuff has been proven safe or effective I am a member of a disappearing minority.

By giving my point of view about stuff I have attracted a phenomenal amount of abuse. Iíve lost count of the number of websites containing lies and blatant misinformation about me. My doubts about stuff and the fact that I have pointed out that there is no evidence proving them to be both safe and effective, have made me very unpopular and have resulted in my being widely vilified. Governments around the world have, in recent years, made a real effort to silence the critics of stuffing.

I strongly suspect that none of those critics has ever read my book or articles about stuff. Some of my fiercest critics have boasted that theyíve never read anything Iíve written.

I have always based my views on solid facts and I have never tried to persuade anyone to accept my opinions without considering both points of view.

However, the supporters of stuffing tend to take a very one-sided view: they are right and thatís an end to it. They arenít interested in facts or evidence.

I would add that on many occasions over the years I have offered to debate the subject of stuffing live on network television or radio with the Governmentís chief medical officer. Indeed, I offered to debate with any twelve medically qualified stuffing supporters all at once.

These offers have always been rejected.

The medically qualified supporters of stuffing are adamant that they are right.

But they are not adamant enough to be prepared to argue or to defend their point of view in public.

I find that strange.

I would have thought that if they were confident in their position they would have welcomed the opportunity to try to shoot me down and to prove that the stuff they advocate so enthusiastically is both safe and effective.

After all their confidence is so great that their constant instruction to the public is that everyone should get stuffed a good many times by their doctor.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2020

Vernon Colemanís book on this subject is available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon. Itís called Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines are Safe and Effective is Lying: Hereís the Proof.