Tony Blair, War Criminal

Dr Vernon Coleman

I am delighted to see that the petition to stop Blair receiving a knighthood is gathering momentum daily.

I resigned from my last newspaper column (with the Sunday People) because the editor wouldn’t let me criticise Blair and the Iraq War. I was, however, the first person to describe Blair in public as a war criminal.

Indeed, I frequently described him as Tony Bliar and had a job persuading sub editors that it wasn’t a mistake.

I suspect, by the way, that Blair accepted a knighthood rather than a peerage because he still dreams of becoming Prime Minister again.

No chance.

Blair’s unpopularity is so great that his support for remaining in the EU was one of the things which led to people to vote for Brexit.

And his support of the toxic experimental jabs is now one of the main reasons why people don’t trust them.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022

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