Is Global Warming A Hoax?

Vernon Coleman

Those who oppose the theories behind global warming argue that the earth is warming up partly because of climatic changes that occur from time to time in the earth's history. They say the changes are the result of variations in the sun's behaviour and because of changes in the formation and behaviour of clouds. They may well be partly right. (Most do not deny that carbon emissions are a contributor to global warming.) But their argument is irrelevant and irresponsible because if there are changes caused by the sun (changes which occur at intervals of a thousand years or more) then it is more important than ever that we control manmade global warming. The population of the planet has risen to dangerous levels, food is short, idiots are advocating using ethanol from plants for fuel, the climate will dry up huge areas of productive farmland and starvation will rocket. The witterings of those who don't believe in global warming should be ignored. They are a danger to us all.

It's hardly surprising that many people are still sceptical about the dangers of global warming. Most informed citizens no longer believe anything the politicians tell us. The truth is that our politicians are effectively doing nothing about the global warming problem. So, is this yet another scare or are our politicians suicidal, genocidal psychopaths? Both possibilities are realistic. Politicians are now so discredited that many people automatically believe that when they say something then they must be lying. Most Britons expect Blair to lie about everything. And so, if he occasionally tells a truth, he is not believed. It's the old story of the boy who cried wolf. Sadly, tragically, politicians who claim that global warming is a serious problem are telling the truth.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 23rd 2007