I’m really getting fed up with global warming fruitcakes

Dr Vernon Coleman

You can’t look at the news these days without coming across more idiotic activities of people who believe in global warming.

Apart from blocking roads to create long queues of vehicles pumping toxins into the air, or driving on motorways at a snail’s pace (to increase the amount of fossil fuel used and cause untold damage to high performance cars) the mad cultists are really beginning to annoy me.

The latest gimmick appears to be gluing yourself to a work of art.

This week it was John Constable’s turn and his `Hay Wain’ got the treatment.

I hope the culprits get sent to prison for at least 40 years for not showing sufficient respect to a national icon.

(Not showing respect to a national icon is, I suspect, part of the purpose of all this nonsense. The global warming cultists seem to me to want to push us into the Great Reset –and destroying our culture and heritage is part of that.)

If the culprits actually damaged the painting then they should be hung. I have, all my life, been opposed to hanging. But I’d vote to bring it back if they’ve damaged The Hay Wain. I slept in Willy Lott’s cottage when I was a school boy on a field course there and if you look carefully at the painting you can see me in the cottage window.

Incidentally, don’t art galleries have guards looking after important works of art?

And I would like to give a special commendation medal for hypocrisy in the face of commercial interests to Lewis Hamilton for his remarks of encouragement to the idiots who sat down on the race track at Silverstone.

Hamilton is reported to have said: `We need more people like them’.

This is, presumably, the same Lewis Hamilton who once had a private aeroplane and still spends a good deal of time flying around the world, and who earns his very good living driving a motor car round in circles without ever getting anywhere other than where he started out.

It is the same Lewis Hamilton who professes to care about human rights but who found it acceptable to earn a huge sum of money to drive round and round in circles in Saudi Arabia.

Hamilton just pips Prince Charles for the hypocrisy medal. Charles, who is a global warming fruitcake, flies around Britain so that he doesn’t have to be inconvenienced by traffic jams – presumably the traffic jams caused by other global warming fruitcakes.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022

If you want to know the truth about global warming, climate change or whatever else they want to call it please read `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen. It’s available in paperback and as an eBook and it will shock you, startle you and, I suspect, cause you much delight.