Warning about YouTube

Dr Vernon Coleman

Everything you see on YouTube has been approved by the American Government and by the CIA. If they didn’t approve of it then the video would have been removed.

Remember that.

Every medical and science video on YouTube is there, available for you to see, because governments, drug companies and spy agencies want you to see it. Video makers trying to share uncomfortable truths are suppressed and banned – even if they are doctors or scientists with facts to share.

Don’t trust YouTube – or anything you see on it.

In particular, I wouldn’t (and don’t) trust anyone purporting to tell the truth about covid, vaccines, infections, or any other medical topic if they have a YouTube account.

YouTube even removed videos of mine that had nothing to do with covid-19 or vaccines. I can only assume they did it out of spite. My book `Truth Teller-The Price’ explains how and why my work has been suppressed and banned – even though everything I wrote was entirely accurate. `Truth Teller: The Price’ can be purchased via the bookshop on www.vernoncoleman.com

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2024