World War III Update (3rd April 2023)

Dr Vernon Coleman

While Western media continues to obsess over Donald Trump, the Harry and Meghan lawuits, Gary Lineker, Gwyneth Paltrow on a ski slope and so on and endlessly on, World War III continues apace. Here are a few facts you won’t have seen in or on the mainstream media. Please share this article as widely as you can. Our only hope to prevent Nuclear War is to ensure that more people know how close we are to real disaster.

First, World War III is growing bigger and ever more serious by the day. Remember those plans to cut the world population down to 500 million? It now seems clear that America’s arrogance is taking us ever closer to nuclear war. Many countries which have been waiting for a weaker America will pounce. Already, the Eastern bloc is growing stronger by the day. America won’t negotiate but will huff and puff. The petrodollar will die completely and America will lose the reserve currency and in a desperate attempt to rescue itself from an inevitable fall, America will use NATO to continue to push Russia hard. I believe that we are now in a far more dangerous time than ever before. Without the dollar being the world’s reserve currency America will become one of the poorest and least significant nations in the world – of less significant than, say, Canada.

The Iraq War (my outrage and opposition led to my resigning from my last national newspaper column – from being the highest paid columnist in the country I went to unemployable) was as nothing to what is happening now and not even the Cuban missile crisis (which I remember) came close to this. Are seven billion people really going to die to protect a man whose sole claim to fame in his ability to play the piano with his penis, and a country renowned mainly for its corruption?

The mass of people seem uncaring and unconcerned about what is happening. Their staggering ignorance makes them complicit in the crimes being committed. How many know that Ukraine started this war in 2014 How many realise that political leaders believe that World War III has officially started? How many people realise what is happening with Taiwan? How many know the importance of what is happening in the Middle East? And in Korea? I despair. It is time for those of us who understand, and who haven’t already done so, to start preparing.

Meanwhile, as we approach the end of History Part I we head remorselessly, and very quickly, towards massive inflation, digital currencies, the cashless society, social credit, smart meters for everything and 15 minute cities.

I think the American globalists and conspirators made a huge mistake. The insane climate change nutters thought they were going to be running the new World Government and that they would be in charge after the Great Reset. I’m beginning to think they were tricked and that China will be in total, exclusive control. Maybe the WEF was never interested in helping America but always saw China as the better partner. That’s certainly the way things are going. And the crazed left wing loonies now running everything in the West will, in desperation, push us into a nuclear war which China and Russia will survive much more successfully than America.

This is all already happening very, very quickly. (Read my article on the growing energy crisis which was also published today 3rd April 2023.) China will keep out of the war as much as it can. And guess which country’s population will make up most of the surviving global population.

Here are some things you should know...

1. The IMF is lending $15.6 billion of our money to Ukraine. They know they’ll never get it back so it’s a gift. The money will be lent with lots of interest and special payments attached, and eventually Ukraine will have to take out more loans to pay the interest. That’s the way these things work. Eventually, of course, Ukraine becomes totally dependent on the West. Meanwhile, the West will take some of the money it has loaned to Ukraine as payment for the arms it has `given’. (Many of the armaments will be old and will need replacing anyway so the donor countries will be able to keep their arms companies happy by buying more.). No one remembers that Ukraine has been corrupt for decades and was pretty well broke before it started the war in 2014.

2. If China supports Russia then Japan will probably support the US in Ukraine. Then the world will be split into two. Brazil is now doing a deal with China without using petrodollars. There will possibly be a deal between Mexico and China. And who knows – maybe China will place missiles in Mexico. The petrodollar is on its last legs and its wobbling.

3. Censorship in Ukraine is now almost as bad as it is in the UK and the US. The Ukraine Government (aka Zelensky – the world’s best paid actor) can now ban media it doesn’t like without bothering the courts. People think this is bad. It is. It’s exactly what has been happening in the US and the UK for three years. The West was oppressive and censorious before Ukraine got there. (I am tired of celebrities claiming to be cancelled when they have no idea what being genuinely cancelled really means. I am banned from everything except my own websites. Incidentally, I regard anyone who still has a YouTube channel as a plant.)

4. Christian churches in Ukraine are being persecuted and shut down. This is happening with the support and approval of the West – which is also oppressing Christianity.

5. The EU is fervently pro-war. The only decision to be made these days is: how many weapons and how much money should be sent to Ukraine? There is no talk of peace or peace brokering. The war mongers are in charge. The EU wants to send 1 million artillery shells to Ukraine in the next 12 months. (They are obviously expecting the conflict to last at least that long.) The EU has now become a satellite of the US.

6. The countries with the biggest trade credits in the world are China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. The poorest countries in the world are the US, the UK and the nations of the EU. That’s all official.

7. To find out more about the state of the world in which we are living please read my book `They want your money and your life’. You can purchase a copy via the bookshops on and And take a look at my video dated May 3rd 2022 and entitled `Why THEY Need World War III’.

8. It has been reported that 50,000 soldiers from North Korea are to join the Russians fighting in Ukraine. But that’s just the start. North Korea has already said it has 800,000 volunteers ready, willing and able to support Russia and defeat NATO in Ukraine. (I don’t think anyone is pretending this isn’t a war between NATO and Russia.) Russia is providing North Korea with food in return for arms. It is believed that China must have approved all this. And Russia is obtaining attack drones from Iran.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023