Who the devil was it?

Vernon Coleman

What the devil was the name
Of the confident voice of the establishment
Who insisted (with a superior sneer)
That covid would kill us all
If we did not have the jab?

Was it a politician,
A government scientist
(One with links to the pharmaceutical industry)
Or a criminally ignorant pundit with no knowledge
But plenty of conviction?

Maybe it was a singer
A self-appointed expert on the
Joys of vaccination. Or perhaps an actor from the movies
Or some television series.

Could it have been a doctor,
Nicely coiffed and smooth as silk,
On the television?
Or an opinionated host
With a million, loyal radio listeners?

Was it a he?
Or was it a she?
I really cannot remember
But whoever they were, they’re dead now
Killed by the very jab they so wanted us to have

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2024