Dr Colin Barron – Watch and Read!

Dr Vernon Coleman

If you aren’t already a regular watcher of Dr Colin Barron’s wonderful videos on Brand New Tube then you should kick yourself in a painful place for what you’ve been missing. Colin also makes occasional non-covid videos on YouTube but editorial restrictions there mean that his most amazing work appears on BNT where the management regard freedom of expression and editorial integrity as more important than do any of the grovelling, Great Reset loving sycophants at the wretched YouTube.

(For the record, after a series of bans and warnings and video deletions, I carried on making occasional non-covid videos for YouTube to encourage regular users there to wander over to BNT. Unfortunately, YT must have twigged what I was doing because after I put up my latest non-covid video, the miserable gristle-heads there took down 15 old videos and banned me for something I’d put up over a year ago.)

Colin’s videos capture all the satirical savagery of W.S.Gilbert and they are some of the best stuff on the internet.

And when you’ve caught up with his videos, go to Amazon and take a look at some of Colin Barron’s books. I’ve bought a number and intend to buy more. They’re all exquisitely researched and brilliantly readable.

There are links below to Colin’s channel on BNT and his page on Amazon.

The covid-19 fraud has brought me much misery and despair but without it I probably wouldn’t have come across Dr Colin Barron – now a very dear friend. Watch his videos and read his books and you’ll get to know him too. We all need all the friends we can find these dark days.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2021