Psy-Op Language: A New Way of Speaking

Vernon Coleman

The evil cabal trying to take over the world (and, it has to be said, doing quite well at the moment) always refers to me as the `discredited, anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist Vernon Coleman’. There isn’t a shred of truth in this, of course. It is `newspeak’ language. The idea, of course, is to discredit me so that no one listens to anything I say or takes notice of any of the evidence I publish showing that covid-19 is a scam not a pandemic.

But we can all use this simple psy-op trick.

So, I suggest, that:

1) When referring to Tony Blair always refer to him as the war criminal Tony Blair
2) When mentioning the BBC always point that the BBC has financial links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
3) When mentioning The Guardian refer to the fact that The Guardian has financial links to the Bill and Melinda Gates
4) Always describe the covid-19 vaccine as an `experimental injection’
5) Point out whenever possible that the UK’s Chief Scientific Officer, Vallance, is a former GSK executive and still a GSK shareholder
6) Always refer to vaccine supporters as pro-vaxxers and truth deniers
7) Always refer to those questioning vaccination as truth tellers
8) Always refer to global warming cultists – never mention climate change or climate emergency
9) Those who don’t want the experimental jab are not vaccine hesitant but vaccine wise
10) When mentioning supporters of Agenda 21 label them as fascists

And so on and so on.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2021

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